Marcello Giuntini

Mayor of Massa Marittima

I was born in Massa Marittima in 1960. My father was a bricklayer and my mother was a housewife. After receiving the diploma at the Technical Institute B. Lotti, majoring in Mining Industry in 1980, I almost directly began to work with a geological study in Siena.

After that, in April 1981, I am hired by the AGIP Mineraria. In this time, I am in charge of oil researches until 1984, when after a competition, I am hired by the ENEL group in Larderello, where I began to work on geothermal research. 

In July 1994, I am getting married with Cecilia. We have two daughters: Costanza and Beatrice. 

In my family, passion for politics has always been important: a paternal great-grandfather, Angiolino, has been city councilor and my uncle Torquato Fusi, a major political figure of Grosseto Province has served the Republic as a senator for two terms. 

My first contact with active politics happens as an independant in 1995, at 35, when I became councilor of Massa Marittima with responsibility for the Environment and for the Productive and Social Activities. 

In 1999, after this first political experience, I am appointed as a Vice-President of COSECA, a charge that I leave after several months because of my election as a city councilor (in the right-wing centre opposition) during the administrative elections of Montieri. 

Between 2000 and 2006, I am responsible of turistic development projects, first in the Strada del Vino Monteregio di Massa Marittima context, that I had helped to found in the role of councilor for Productive Activities, after in the tourism promotion consortium A.MA.TUR. 

In 2005, after five years in the opposition in Montieri, my own political party, Democratici di Sinistra (DS), proposes me to run for mayor in the same city for the left-wing centre coalition "Uniti per Progedire": I won the elections with the 54% of the vote and I became Mayor. Five years after, I am reelected for a second term of office.

Among my most significant achievements of recent years, I recall some redevelopment interventions in the historic centre, renewable energy and energy savings programs as well as the development of various cultural projects around the Geoparco delle Colline Metallifere. 

I ran for mayor of Massa Marittima in the belief that my administrative experience can make an effective contribution to the life of the town where I was born and where I still live. 

I am mayor since 2014.