Over 350 Cittaslow Auditors and delegates from thirty countries, meeting in Orvieto during the Assembly, unanimously voted a petition proposed by the President, Stefano Pisani,
Mayor of Pollica, which commits the Cittaslow communities in the world in a concrete, stringent and proactive way to combat the climatic and environmental emergency.

"We all know that the terrestrial ecosystem is our own survival are at risk due to unheeded appeals to respect the limits imposed by the finite nature of the resources and of the planet itself. The climatic emergency, certainly not due to causes natural or unpredictable events, but by the persistent failure to comply with the international obligations assumed by the States national agreements with the Paris Agreement, the "Special Report" 2018 of the IPCC and the SDGs to 2030 of the UN,

obliges Cittaslow Auditors

representing around 25 million citizens in thirty countries of the world, to promote an extraordinary commitment within of municipal administrations and individual communities for curbing climate change and the current imbalance on the level environmental. Cittaslow, the World Network of Good Living Cities, strongly affirms that there can be no quality future for the next generations without a rapid awareness of the current environmental crisis and the adoption of the consequent administrative and operational acts in contrast. From the territory and from the cities, made up of administrators, local communities and individual citizens can be the most concrete and effective answer here and now that goes beyond the borders of the states and helps to improve the planet and give us the future ".

Circular economy, carbon zero, environmental and social resilience, shared social responsibility and inclusion, active citizenship, respect for traditional knowledge, defense of biodiversity and health for everyone, from the very beginning twenty years ago, are the cornerstones of Cittaslow. Now it is time to act and coordinate urgently and finalize individuals projects to be applied immediately in the Cittaslow territories and outside them. Energy, transport and plastic stops are among the first fields of action 2019-2020 identified by the Mayors Cittaslow.

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