Marek Dominiak

Mayor of Bisztynek

I was born in Dzierżoniów, in 1962. After the primary school I carried the learning on
at Mechanical Engineering Vocational School in Świdnica.

I am a graduate of The University of Physical Education and Sport in Gdańsk.

In 1984 I took up a job of a PE teacher at the primary school in Bisztynek. In 2000 I became
a teacher of the Public Junior High School in Bisztynek where apart from the Physical Education I taught the Education for Safety. 

I am a civil servant of many years:

- as an alderman for four terms of office in the years 1990-2006, where I officiated as the chairman of The Committee on Education, Health and Social Affairs. At the same time
I officiated as the chairman of The Audit Board.   

- as a district alderman of the Bartoszyce district for the four terms of office in 2010-2014 years, where I officiated  as the vice-chairman of the district council,

- as a mayor of Bisztynek since 9th December, 2014, until now. 

For four terms of office in 2000-2016 years I was a member of the management board
and a presidium of Warmia and Mazury School Sports Association. In 2008 I was honoured
by Minister Sport with brown medal and in 2012 with silver badge of merit for sport.

In 1984-2000 years I was a football player of “Reduta Bisztynek” and also a coach of seniors and youth teams, and in 2007-2014 years I played the role of a chairman of the sport club "Reduta Bisztynek”. In 2000 I was honoured by The Polish Football Association with the brown badge and in 2012 with the silver one.

I am a co-founder of “Przerębel” (“Air-hole”) the ice-swimmers’ club in Bisztynek - and since February 2004 I have been taking an ice-bath every Winter.

Married, two daughters and three granddaughters.