Mayor of Ahlat

He was born in 01.01.1969 in Ahlat. A.Mümtaz ÇOBAN who completed his primary and high school education in Ahlatta continued his undergraduate education abroad. After completing his education in the law faculty of the Kyrgyz State University, he completed his graduate studies at the same university. She completed her undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Law at Erzincan University. A.Mumtaz Coban is married and has two children. He can also speak English, Turkish and Asian dialects.

A.Mumtaz COBAN has worked in the following positions throughout his career: Chairman of the Board of the Legal and Advocacy Bureau (MADI Hukuk) where foreign investor companies establish their legal services. He served as a faculty member at the Department of Finance of Manas University and at the Faculty of Law of the Kyrgyz State University. Turkey-Kyrgyzstan relations and Cyprus trio has been performed at the state level. He was a member of the Board of Directors of Turkish-Kyrgyz Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association, responsible for investments with the Office of Legal Counsel and within the body of Kyrgyzstan, he worked as Legal Counselor of Turkish-Kyrgyz Business Council. Coca Cola, Turkish Airlines, Plastforum, Beta Group of Companies, Mega Media, and has served as a consultant and consultant to global brand companies. A.Mumtaz COBAN has been the Mayor of Ahlat since 2009.