Jacqueline Galant

Mayor of Jurbise

Jacqueline Galant, born on March 18, 1974 in Mons, is a Belgian politician member of the Reform Movement (MR). She has been mayor of the municipality of Jurbise since 2000.

Her words about Cittaslow :

Nestled in a green oasis, dotted with several dozen farms, Jurbise has for many years valued wellbeing, promoted natural spaces and local businesses.

Becoming a part of the Cittaslow network is the logical next step, as well as an honour for our municipality and its 10,500 inhabitants.

In future, Jurbise plans to further develop projects linked to the subjects that Cittaslow upholds. Councillors look forward to further expanding activities that promote the local landscape, uphold a better quality of life, encourage responsible consumption and support green tourism.

Cittaslow is a fantastic breeding ground for best practices in those areas, so joining the community will be an opportunity to establish new synergies. Some projects could, for example, be organised at a supra-municipal level, in cooperation with our neighbouring municipality of Lens, which is already a member of the international network.

Jacqueline Galant
Mayor and local MP
Commune de Jurbise
Rue du Moustier 8
BE-7050 Jurbise