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  1. Cazaubon
  2. Créon
  3. Labastide d’Armagnac
  4. Labouheyre
  5. Lectoure
  6. Le Haillan
  7. Loix
  8. Mirande
  9. Saint Antonin Noble Val
  10. Samatan
  11. Segonzac
  12. Simorre
  13. Valmondois

The French Cittaslow Network works very regularly with all the media to promote the philosophy of our label.

Eiffage’s Transverse Innovation Sustainable Development Department, which organized a series of 10 radio broadcasts called «Des Villes et des Hommes» with RADIO IMMO in August 2020. This series dedicated to sustainable development applied to the construction trades, was intended to give a global view, both comprehensive and concrete, of a sustainable development topic by questioning the entire value chain.

Several programs had already been recorded:

The show was a success with an average audience of 9,000 listens and downloads. Eiffage wanted to question the representative of the French Cittaslow Network in order to highlight the message carried by our label.

The Occitanie Product Offer and Structuring Qualification Division has asked the French Network to produce its Qualification Guide in order to present the Cittaslow approach.

The well-known French Magazine «Marie-France» was preparing in August 2020 a topic on «slow cities» and therefore asked the French Network to obtain information on Cittaslow. The article appeared on September 28, 2020 under the title: «Cittaslow, those cities where we take the time to live ».

Universities and students got in touch with the French Network in order to know the impact of the label on urban development and resident participation.

The Lycée of Seferihisar in Turkey contacted the French Cittaslow Network to propose, as part of an Erasmus project, an exchange to share experiences related to Cittaslow practices. Unfortunately, the pandemic blocking all international exchanges, the project couldn’t be successful.

At the moment in Mirande, the European section of an agricultural High School is working on the theme of slow movement and in particular on Cittaslow criteria that the students wish to apply to their school when it is possible : school restaurant, waste treatment, water management, vegetable garden, awareness raising. Thanks to the Cittaslow Poland Network, an exchange could be possible with a Polish high school on this topic.