2022 French National Network Project

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Many of the projects included in the Reference Plan are in line with the “Cittaslow” approach: “gentle” routes through the village, heritage development, accessibility of the town centre, garden walks, etc.

The Armagnac was inscribed in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of France at the end of 2020.

Labastide approved for the Small Character Cities® in June 2021.

In 2021, the second edition of the Labastidian gardens promenade (public spaces, and private gardens) organized by the Landes d'Armagnac Tourist Office.

Implementation of the “Géocaching” Terra Aventura route by the Landes d’Armagnac Tourist Office.


Résidence of Lézian : Establishment of an eco-citizen garden and restructuring of a pleasure garden at the residence of Lézian for the elderly in collaboration with the students BTS Gestion et Protection de la nature of the Mirande LPA, the CPIE, TRIGONE, etc. Seeding of melliferous plants around the existing insect hotel and manufacture of bird feeders and nesting boxes with recovery equipment,

Creation of a place of relaxation with the planting of mulberry plane trees for shading areas and installation of a pergola dressed with fragrant jasmine,

Establishment of vegetable gardens in an eco-citizen approach (waste sorting, composting, seed seeding and transplanting of plants) where intergenerational exchanges are favored between residents who bring their knowledge-do, the students of Notre Dame kindergarten and primary school (a convention has been established) and the high school students who participate in the development of billboards for planted plants and auxiliary insects present on the site.

As part of its sustainable development policy, Mirande is launching for the first time in November the "One Birth, One Tree" operation. An orchard of about twenty fruit

trees (cherry, apple, pear, plum) will be organzed on a site that will later be converted into a relaxation and picnic area. Each new-born child of the year, whose parents join the project, becomes the godfather of a tree and will see his first name engraved on a metal plate with the Mirande coat of arms, which is designed and realized by one of the agents of our technical services.

In an effort to raise awareness of biodiversity, seeding of 640 m2 on the alleys Charles de Gaulle, place of walk and relaxation, with mixtures of wildflowers and horticultural, forming a labyrinth. Along the grassed walkways are 35 information panels on flowers, plants, birds and insects. An insect hotel completes this approach of biodiversity.

A Cittaslow market with local producers was present every Wednesday in July and August on the Astarac square.

Setting up a free bus for people with reduced mobility and for seniors: a round trip tour allows residents of remote neighborhoods of the city center to go to the Monday market and then be brought home. This service is provided without reservation.

Mirande is part of the community of communes « Coeur d'Astarac en Gascogne », which, together with the two neighbouring communities works

to obtain the label “Regional Natural Park”.


has started a vast campaign of greening its public space so far very mineral. The first part of this action consists of a participatory approach aimed at encouraging residents to plant along their house by offering them the possibility of vegetating, under conditions, certain areas of the public domain. The possibility of greening the city is therefore offered to all, inhabitants, landlords and tenants, merchants… who will thus become the gardeners of the bastide.

The documents detailing the protocol and the conditions to flower or vegetate its facade were distributed in the mailboxes of the inhabitants. After validation of the project, the city accompanies the gardener candidate by carrying out the necessary small road works (digging of planting pits), providing free soil and plant.


Tourism focused on heritage, nature and lifestyle.

Creation of a via ferrata on cliffs, hiking trails, mountain biking routes, caving, etc.- -

The weekly Sunday market is complemented by an organic market every Thursday that has been working very well for a year.

Saint Antonin’s plum is the origin of Agen’s plum. It is honoured. Original plum is planted in hedges.

Planting a tree at the birth of each child.

Development of a photovoltaic park in the municipality in areas where agricultural activity remains marginal.

Participatory democracy with commissions of more than 80 participants to study the development of the town centre.

Youth City Council.

Creation of a shared house.

Loix is a village of 748 inhabitants nestled in the heart of a peninsula attached to the Ile de Ré. The population has always fought for its access in terms of infrastructure but above all in the development of the values of welcome and solidarity essential to its survival. The project of the sharing house is based on this tradition of welcome and solidarity.

In the heart of the village, in the middle of the market square, the municipality decided to build a house with a double purpose:

-temporary accommodation and the diversity of the audiences received (people needing temporary accommodation for economic, social, seasonal reasons, trainees, apprentices, etc.).

A centre of reception and animation, a place of life for all populations (permanent residents, secondary residents, transients, etc.).

Saving and rationalizing built surfaces is an environmental necessity that makes sense on an island where space is essentially limited.

Pooling of living spaces (kitchen, dining room, laundry room, bicycle garage, garden, etc.) while preserving the privacy of the occupants. These common spaces should help solidarity and exchange, avoiding isolation.

This project, creating jobs, respectful of its environment, is designed to meet instantly and as close as possible to daily needs while remaining on a human scale.


the "Growing up outdoors in the Savès" project was launched in October 2020 by the Communauté de Communes du Savès with the active support of the French Ministry of Education, Jeunesse et Sport, and the Caisse d'allocations familiales.

Children are rarely in touch with nature and exercise less than the average time recommended (3 hours per day minimum). Families and teachers had a lack of knowledge of outdoor facilities and places that they could use or visit.

There is too little offered in terms of outdoor activities for families and teachers.

A specific budget was created for this project. Special equipments had to be bought such as boots, water bottles, rainproof ponchos, planting material, etc…8 activities are arranged, 4 managed (motor skills workshops using outdoor equipment), 4 free activities (sand pit play, water play, circus skills, skate, balance, rings…). Additional activities include music class with a local musician where the children can write and perform their own music.

The benefits are that our chidren can access the 21st century skills sets that they will need such as : creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication….whilst improving their physical and mental health giving them the tools to manage stress and anxiety, boosting their ego, reinforce knowledge …

The project hasn’t only benefited children but also the community. Schools are the beating heart of a community. They are a place where parents meet, children meet, and friendships are made. Schools provide a place for families to make connections with their community.


creation of a photovoltaic park maintained by sheep, with shared gardens on the edge.

Hand water pumps are available in the village to reduce the consumption of families.

A market garden (7000 m2) allows to feed the school canteens with fresh products.

Regional Natural Park project of which the territory of Mirande is also part. Two Cittaslow are therefore integrated into the project.


A bike park has been set up. The municipality wants to develop active mobility (cycling to work, scooter, walking trails, etc.).

Recently, a big day dedicated to culinary heritage was organized with the participation of great Parisian chefs.

The town has very mineral places that are now reworked with the implantation of aromatic plants that replace the annual plants.

Campsite «Slow Tourisme» (caravans, tents, no Wifi).


Setting up a citizens' collective,

Creation of a graphic charter integrating the Cittaslow snail,

Labouheyre belongs to the Regional Natural Park of Landes de Gascogne.


Lectoure has started an energy renovation programme for municipal buildings.

An organic farmers' market is set up.

Finally, a greening of downtown streets is on the agenda.


thinks on celebrating the anniversary of the creation of the Cittaslow France Network.