Member of the French National Network

As Long as history has existed, Lectoure has always been a city of culture. More than two thousand years ago, Celtes were already established and since then, plenty of different cultures, groups, traditions and rituals have made this place alive. As a historical place, we care to preserve the city. In this way, we required protection processes such as the SPR (Site Patrimonial Remarquable) and the PLU (Plan local d'urbanisme) which permit us to recognise our physical heritage as an official protected area. Restrictions protect it from losing its value, true destruction or alienation of the architecture. As our label “Plus Beaux détours de France” proves it, Lectoure is a wonderful place where the flowers live in harmony with the architecture, where the public space have received a particular care and attention, regarding to the color or the stones making it an original and coherent complete environnement. There are many antique shops and many tourists come for the slow life that the city offers to the pilgrims. Four different open markets, promoting the local products and especially in short circuit, dynamise every week and all the year this central town, very important for this countryside area, rich in agriculture. 

Lectoure, standing on his honorable rocky peak, has not finished talking about its beauty. Green, cultural especially with its fructuous summer, its festivals of reading, of classical and contemporary music, of traditionals arts, and the National Center of Contemporary Art of National Interest, the Center of Art and Photography, proposing a rich summer program. 

In Lectoure, “we don't go, we come” some people say. And it’s true. Lectoure is a beautiful image of France. A preserved one. With the luxury of its view, the harmony of its patrimonial heritage, the kindness of the people but above all, the easy going lifestyle. This is so rare, and so precious, to have in a small city like Lectoure, many handmade shops : ceramic, clothes, wood, music instrument, book maker, without forgetting the “Bleu de Lectoure”, a natural pigment that gives life to a full shop proposing clothes with this specific blue of Lectoure. 

In Lectoure, we are so proud to be CittySlow, it’s just what we needed to perform better and perfect the way we collectively incarnate and work to preserve the city; simplicity, richness and durability. Those values are ours, like the ones of so many people in this big family and all together, we are getting the world better, step by step, stone by stone. Thanks Cittaslow for existing and hoping to cross you, others beautiful citta slow cities you are !