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Forgotten town in the Warmia region. The present Bisztynek is a town which, in some respects, fits the Cittaslow idea perfectly. There is peace and quiet here. It is so small, that one could easily miss it while being in a hurry, and this would be a pity because, as they say, small is beautiful, and this is the smallest of the Warmian towns.


  • Church – The Holiest Blood of Jesus Christ Sanctuary – one of the largest churches in the Warmia region, which is quite surprising when the area of the town itself is taken into account,
  • The Lidzbark Gate – from the turn of the 15th and the 16th century, with the remains of the former fortifications,
  • Monument of Henryk Sienkiewicz– initially unveiled on September 1st 1929 as a monument to the victims of World War I, including the names of 169 inhabitants of Bisztynek who died in it. The present version of the monument comes from the year 1965,
  • Tenement Houses – dating back to the 19th and 20th century,
  • Granary – dating back to the 18th century,
  • Boulder (28 metres in circumference, 8 metres long and 3.2 metres high), the largest one in the Warmia-Masuria province. The old legend has it that the appearance of the boulder is the doing of evil forces. Most probably, the devil himself brought it from Africa, hence the name "the Devil's Stone".


  • Józef Engling's Memorial Room – ul. Prosity 28 – tokens belonging to God's Servant, Joseph Engling
  • Chapels and churches – there is an exceptionally great number of them here and they are definitely worth visiting
  • "Polder Sątopy - Samulewo" – a nature reserve – a shallow, vast reservoir with numerous clusters of great natural qualities, a feeding ground and nesting site for various species of birds.

Weekend attractions

  • Pedestrian walks or biking trips under the slogan "Warmia churches and chapels",
  • Winter – Bisztynek is famous for its WALRUS club – members of the club submerge their bodies in frozen ponds every Sunday.

Tourist information
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Cittaslow Representatives:

Jan Wójcik - Mayor of Bisztynek
Supervisor Cittaslow Bisztynek – Iwona Banach