Polish National Network

In 2006 first Polish city joined the network of the city of “good quality of life”, so several months later we established Polish Cittaslow Network.

The trend of the XXI century is to appreciate the potential of small towns and it perfectly fits to the assumptions of sustainable development. Cities, under the logo of a snail, adopt common targets for improving the quality of life and cultivate the culture of good living. They rely on social and environmental activities to preserve the unique character of each city, through the restorations of monuments and fostering local production, crafts and cuisine. The tradition of hospitality is also a characteristic feature of Cittaslow town. Cittaslow ideas also assume the use of modern technologies and innovative ways of city organizing, so that the leisurely pace of life doesn’t stand in contradiction with the continuous and thoughtful development. The International Association include cities with less than 50 000 of residents, who have committed to implement main goals of the movement – that is – improving the quality of life of their inhabitants. Currently, in the network we have many cities from Warmia and Masuria but also towns from a different polish regions (Kalety, Murowana Goślina, Nowy Dwór Gdański, Prudnik, Rejowiec Fabryczny). Worldwide movement includes. The internarional headquarters is located in Orvieto (Italy).

  • National Coordinator: Jacek Kostka (Mayor of Górowo Iławecki)
  • Vice-Coordinator: Jacek Wiśniowski (Mayor of Lidzbark Warmiński)


  1. Bartoszyce
  2. Braniewo
  3. Biskupiec
  4. Bisztynek
  5. Działdowo
  6. Dobre Miasto
  7. Głubczyce
  8. Goldap
  9. Górowo Iławeckie
  10. Jeziorany
  11. Kalety
  12. Lidzbark
  13. Lidzbark Warminski
  14. Lubawa
  15. Morąg
  16. Murowana Goślina
  17. Nidzica
  18. Nowe Miasto Lubawskie
  19. Nowy Dwór Gdański
  20. Olecko
  21. Olsztynek
  22. Orneta
  23. Pasym
  24. Prudnik
  25. Rejowiec
  26. Fabryczny
  27. Reszel
  28. Rzgów
  29. Ryn
  30. Sępopol
  31. Sianów
  32. Sierpc
  33. Szczytno
  34. Węgorzewo
  35. Wydminy