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The Dutch municipality of Alphen-Chaam is situated to the south of the line running from Breda to Tilburg. As a municipality, Alphen-Chaam has every amenity and can offer the kind of peace and tranquillity that more and more Dutch people living in busy urbanised areas can only dream of. Alphen-Chaam has held the Cittaslow international quality of life certificate since 2010.



Less than ten thousand inhabitants live in an area of ten thousand hectares of extraordinary natural scenic beauty. The impressive and extensive rural area consists of a charming sheltered landscape with fields, forests and heathland. Nature, in which the agricultural and commercial-recreational sectors play an important role, defines the character of the municipality.

 The municipality Alphen-Chaam has everything that makes it worthwhile for tourists. The Forests of Chaam with their streams and convex fields, the ’t Zand recreational area, the Alphen Hills and the heathland in Strijbeek with its beautiful lakes, are only a few of the many attractions.

 The area encompassed by 'Het Broek' nature reserve (between Chaam and Ulvenhout) is a designated nature preserve and laid out with pools, woodland, brushwood and marshes. An observation point on a hill makes the site accessible without disrupting the many birds living nearby. The beautiful Anneville, Luchtenburg and Hondsdonk estates located in the west of Alphen-Chaam are of cultural-historical and scenic value.



Alphen-Chaam has a lot to offer in itself, but it is also forms an excellent base for excursions to the nearby cities of Breda and Tilburg, or the Baarle-Nassau/Baarle-Hertog enclave. The Efteling Amusement Park and the Beekse Bergen Safari Park are also nearby.


Quality of life

In a rural area as large as that of Alphen-Chaam, nature and agricultural activity are usually represented by conflicting interest groups. As a result of rezoning, rural areas are clearly designated in such a way that both sectors have equal development opportunities. 

Alphen-Chaam contributes to the National Ecological Network with, among other things, the Bleeke Heide, Strijbeekse Heide and Chaam Bekencomplexnature development projects. The municipality and district water board have already implemented a number of reconstruction plans to keep the water in the area longer, for example, by rechannelling brooks. An integrated Village Development Programme (iDOP) is used to safeguard the quality of life of small rural centres, such as Galder and Strijbeek.


Cultural history

The area, with a rich cultural history, became a popular get-away for wealthy city folk of days gone by who bought up the land to create vast estates. The large number of small hamlets is also an important feature. The local conditions here were favourable for farming: high and low ground and adequate supplies of water in the form of streams and lakes.


Green oasis

As a ‘green oasis’ in the middle of hectic urban surroundings, Alphen-Chaam pays extra attention to environmental factors such as clean water, fresh air, countering noise, soil and light pollution, spoiling of the landscape, promoting ‘green’, sustainable behaviour from businesses, local residents and users. Clean rain water is collected and transported using sustainable techniques. Garden waste is collected and transported to a biomass power plant to generate renewable energy and Alchen-Chaam collaborates intensively with external organisations on environmental and nature policy.


Upkeep of regional products

The municipality has two slow food products within the municipal boundaries: the Chaam Hen and the Kempen Moorland Sheep.

In October 2005, the Presidium for the ‘Chaam Pel’ (the Chaam Hen) was founded together with Slow Food.

Due to initiatives of the ‘Kempen Moorland Sheep’ Foundation, vital flocks have re-emerged. In many places, they are used in the management of heathland reserves and scenic pastures. In this way, they contribute significantly to biodiversity.


Hospitality in Cittaslow Alphen-Chaam

The extensive countryside of Alphen-Chaam is perfect for spending the weekend or a short stay with your partner, friends or family. It has several camp-sites, holiday farms and bungalow parks, as well as the large natural reserve 't Zand with its recreational lake and beachy meadows.

Guests can wander delightfully through the extensive woodlands. Alphen-Chaam has many footpaths, bicycle tracks and bridle paths, and several recreational areas and picnic sites.


National and international network

Cittaslow offers Alphen-Chaam a national and international network, in which like-minded municipalities can exchange experience and knowledge, and learn from one another. The primary aim of this network is to improve the quality of life for the inhabitants.


What has Cittaslow done for us?

– Regional, national and international recognition of the unique identity of Cittaslow Alphen-Chaam.

– Because of participation in the Cittaslow network, Alphen-Chaam was able to join the international Covenant of Mayors, which aims to achieve a 20% decrease in energy use, a 20% increase in reusable energy, and a 20% decrease in greenhouse-gas emissions.

– European support via the international Cittaslow Network.

– Supporters of Cittaslow Alphen-Chaam: entrepreneurs and associations that support and embrace the Cittaslow principles.

– Supporters of Cittaslow Alphen-Chaam: entrepreneurs and associations that support and embrace the Cittaslow principles.


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