The "Cittaslow Area" wins. The German network grows beyond borders and focuses on transnational cooperation and peace projects

German National Network

“We look forward to the joint cooperation”,said the Mayor of Deidesheim, Manfred Dörr, the Coordinator of German Cittaslow Network “also pointing out that in the region located in the border triangle of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with the municipalities Cittaslow Echt-Susteren (Netherlands), Maaseik (Belgium) and Selfkant (Germany) ), a sustainable cross-border region consisting of three countries will now be created, in which the quality of life across the border is to be increased and to strive for further careful development of the municipalities.”

This is one of the main projects of Cittaslow International, the “Cittaslow Area” which has the very objective of bringing neighboring Cittaslows into contact to form an area in which to develop concrete projects over an already large area.

Selfkant is ranked 24th in the Cittaslow Germany network. With Selfkant, Germany's westernmost municipality is now also part of the Cittaslow network of livable towns and communities. During the spring meeting in Homberg (Efze) in northern Hesse, Manfred Dörr, president of the German network and mayor of the city of Deidesheim (Palatinate), handed over the certificate of appointment to his colleague Norbert Reyans. The city council had previously applied for membership and the subsequent certification was also successful, making Selfkant the 24th municipality to be included in the German network.

The German Network this year also strongly dealt with the efforts of the municipality of Homberg in northern Hesse to increase the attractiveness and quality of life in the Reformation community. The Schwalm-Eder Evangelical Forum accompanied the meeting with its own program of meetings and discussions, during which it also emerged that the goals and ideas of the Cittaslow Association fit very well with the aims and activities of the regional church of the Hesse.

“People's awareness of quality and sustainability has increased significantly in recent times”, says the Mayor of Deidesheim, Manfred Dörr, the coordinator of German Cittaslow Network. “The great challenges of recent years, climate change, the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the problems Connected with migration and energy supply, can only be solved with creativity and a great common commitment. It is also important not to weaken the economy, otherwise the urgently needed transformations will not take place. Cittaslow has the necessary tools and a worldwide international network that can be important and of great help in tackling the great problems of our time. The President also once again appealed to all those in positions of responsibility to work for people's peace and freedom, because only in peace and freedom can people and societies develop steadily.”