23rd Gaochun Gucheng Lake Crab Festival


From 21 to 23 September, the 2023 China's Cittaslow Communication Activity was held in Yaxi, in which more than ten representatives of Chinese Cittaslow Cities and declaring areas attended the activity.

On the morning of 22 September, representatives of Chinese Cittaslow Cities and declaring areas observed the opening ceremony of the 23rd Gaochun Gucheng Lake Crab Festival, experienced the festival activities of Yaxi, and learn how to inherit and carry forward the folk culture and local cuisine of Cittaslow.

On the afternoon of 22 September, after the field trip to Yaxi, the 2023 China Cittaslow Technical Coordination Meeting was held. Yaxi, Yanyang, Jingyang and other slow cities exchanged their experiences and characteristics of cittaslow work, and Lingao, Liangdang and other declaring districts reported on the advancement of the creation work. At the meeting, Yaxi also promoted two innovative projects, namely the Travel-in-Cittaslow Small Programme and the Cittaslow Heroes--Youth Outdoor Challenge, to demonstrate the integration of the Cittaslow concept in culture, tourism, sports and other fields.

On the morning of 23 September, a training session was held for the declared areas, to teach them the origins of Cittaslow, the concept of Cittaslow and the direction of the development of China Cittaslow. It also explained the key points and misconceptions in the light of the problems that exist in the actual work of each declared area in China. Q&A sessions were also held to guide the declaring districts to accurately understand Cittaslow concept and Cittaslow work

The China's Cittaslow Communication Activity are diversified and rich in content, which have accumulated struggling strength and infinite wisdom for carrying out the work of China Cittaslow, and also built a bridge of exchange and cooperation between slow cities to slow cities, slow cities to declared districts, and declared districts to declared districts, which will continue to promote the development, growth and innovation of the international Cittaslow in China.