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Westerwolde is a town born from the merger of two municipalities, Vlagtwedde and Bellingwedde

Vlagtwedde is a town of 16,264 inhabitants located in the province of Groningen. One of the greatest attractions is the fortified town of Bourtange. Typical pentagonal structure built during the Eighty Years' War (1568-1648).

On June 19, 2014 the municipality Bellingwedde proclaimed Cittaslow together with the municipality Vlagtwedde. These two municipalities will shortly become a new municipality Westerwolde. Bellingwedde has a wide variety of landscapes. The small Westerwolde, the vastness of the Oldambt and the characteristic straight lines from peat mining areas make the town very diverse, rich in history and worth exploring. The municipality Bellingwedde has seven villages: Bellingwolde, Blijham, Klein Ulsda, Oudeschans, Veelerveen, Vriescheloo and Wedde. With around 9,000 inhabitants and an area of 110 km2 Bellingwedde has a sparsely populated area with lots of space and serenity.

Art lovers can indulge in the Museum de Oude Wolden in Bellingwolde. For culture and history, the Castle in Wedde and romantic fortified town Oudeschans with the Fortress Museum are worth a visit. Or walk along the monumental town houses with the characteristic pendulum gardens along the main road in Bellingwolde and at the east end of Blijham.

Living and recreation 
By the natural beauty Bellingwedde is a popular bicycle and walking village. About ramparts and along old church trails, through forests, along river valleys and wooded banks. Whether you want to stay a few hours, a day or several days: you'll have a great time in Bellingwedde! Personal attention, tranquility and quality of life will make you feel at home! In Bellingwedde we have time for you. 

Supporters Group 
With achieving the status of Cittaslow, the municipalities Bellingwedde and Vlagtwedde work on the implementation. We will set up a supporters group of local entrepreneurs, cultural institutions and other organizations that support the Cittaslow values and want to promote these.