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Wegorzewo Commune is an urban-rural commune inhabited by approximately 16,000 permanent residents. The area of the commune is 341.11 km², of which agricultural land covers 52%, forest land is 15%, and the area of lakes in the commune is 18%. The seat of the commune authorities is the city of Wegorzewo, which is divided into 2 housing estates. Rural areas are made up of 36 village councils.

The Wegorzewo commune is located in the northern part of the Great Masurian Lakes Trail, far from large agglomerations and developed industry, and is surrounded by numerous lakes and forests. The landscape and nature values create perfect conditions for active tourism at any time of the year. Wegorzewo is the gateway to the Great Masurian Lakes Trail. The lakes, whitening with unfolded sails during the season, attract fishermen, canoeists, divers and enthusiasts of other water sports. Bicycle and walking paths meandering among lakes, running along old tracks, forest paths, the Wegorzewski Canal and Wegorapa river promenade, and the Green Velo bicycle route - create excellent conditions for relaxation in the bosom of nature.

There are family-friendly places in the commune: a city park with a recreation and sports zone, playgrounds and tennis courts at schools, sports halls, outdoor city gyms and village day clubs.
We have a well-developed base of non-governmental organizations that conduct workshops, organize handicraft activities, fairs and local food festivals.

The commune implements an innovative promotional concept "FitCity WEGORZEWO" Its main goal is to promote the values associated with the Fit trend, that is care for health, fitness and physical condition based on nature and a clean environment.

In 2021, Wegorzewo celebrates the 450th anniversary of granting city rights.

Worth noting The palace and port in Sztynort

The Sztynort Palace (a pearl among the architectural monuments of Warmia and Mazury), a historic park and the remains of the former Lehndorff family estate, a historic oak avenue, a cult sailing port, compact, orderly buildings in the village, a nature reserve in the immediate vicinity and the largest bridge in Masuria, erected between Dargin and Kirsajty lakes - all of this makes Sztynort a priceless treasure of the Wegorzewo Commune.

Museum of Folk Culture

The activities of the museum focus on the folk culture of ethnic and national groups living in north- eastern Poland. Exhibits from the area of Masuria, Warmia and the homeland of today's inhabitants of this region are collected here. The collection includes everyday use objects, household equipment, textiles and clothing, ceremonial accessories, handicrafts and folk art. The Ethnographic Park on the Wegorapa River is adjacent to the museum. Traditional masurian buildings are exhibited here. In the open-air museum there are such handicraft workshops as weaving, ritual art, artistic flowers, and a modern pottery workshop.

International Folklore Fair

The fair organized in the center of Wegorzewo by the Museum of Folk Culture is the largest annual event of its kind in the region. The program includes: folk art and handicraft fairs, concerts of folk groups, bands and soloists from Poland and neighboring countries as well as workshop shows of traditional craftsmanship.

Railway Tradition Museum

The museum operates in the building of the railway station. The history of the railway is documented by a rich collection of antique equipment, tools, as well as timetables, photographs and maps. There is a gallery and a souvenir shop next to the museum. Periodic lectures, thematic meetings, film shows, as well as workshops for children and adults are organized here.

Jerzy Helwing Park in Wegorzewo

Full of old trees, surrounded by the picturesque bend of the Wegorapa River, the city park is a great place for relaxation, family walks, and games for children and teenagers. In summer, the park is an open-air stage: concerts, theater performances, artistic meetings, Park Reading organized by the city library are held here.

The largest cyclical events: Eel Half Marathon, Wegorzewo Days, International Folklore Fair

Official webside: www.wegorzewo.pl

FB: Gmina Węgorzewo

Telephone: 87 427 54 00

E-mail: um@wegorzewo.pl

Cittaslow Representatives:

Krzysztof Kołaszewski – Mayor of Węgorzewo