UK National Network

England, Scotland and Wales all have Cittaslow towns, which form Cittaslow UK. The UK network, which was recognised by Cittaslow International in 2006, is now a Community Interest Company (CIC) to reflect the needs of its growing membership.

Cittaslow UK presently has six member towns. In England these are all on the east side of the country; the picturesque towns of Aylsham are in Norfolk, and the famous walled town of Berwick-upon-Tweed is in Northumberland, close to the Scottish border. Perth, which is the biggest town in the UK network, is presently the only Cittaslow town in Scotland. In Wales both Mold and Llangollen are in the North of the country, surrounded by beautiful hills.
Representatives of Cittaslow UK towns meet regularly throughout the year and have joint activities to promote the movement, exchange ideas and encourage Cittaslow related projects in their towns.

The Cittaslow UK website can be found at

National Co-ordinator
Austin Cheminais (Cittaslow Llangollen)

Giles Margarson (Cittaslow Aylsham)

Cittaslow International Committee UK Representative
Andrea Mearns (Cittaslow Mold)

Cittaslow Great Britain

  1. Aylsham
  2. Llangollen
  3. Mold