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Szczytno is a city with 660 years of history. Around 1350, the Teutonic Knights erected a soil and wooden watchtower in the place of previous Prussian fortified settlement and this moment is considered as a beginning of Szczytno history. In 1616 Szczytno was granted minor municipal righs and full municipal rights in 1723.

Szczytno is situated in Mazury Region - 50 km from capital region Olsztyn and only 10 km from Olsztyn- Mazury International Airport. This is a place where tourism plays the most important role. Inner centre of the city features two lakes- Domowe Duże and Domowe Małe. You can find here a place to relax, walk or go cycling in the forests, enjoying the unique Mazurian nature surrounding the city. This is the place where you can take a deep breath and feel at ease.

Szczytno not only offers unique tourist values, but also culture at the highest level. In the summer, the pace of the city’s life is set by the “Letnie Granie” (Summer Playing) festival. It consists of a series of cultural and sport events: concerts, sport competitions, culinary events, folk shows and fairs, as well as history- related activities. The flagship event “Dni I Noce Szczytna” (Days and Nights of Szczytno) is one of the largest festivals of this type, attracting every year thousands of viewers participating in concerts and accompanying events.

The ruins of the Teutonic castle are the oldest historic monument in the city of Szczytno which is currently revitalized. This process will involve exposing the remains of the medieval structure with exhibition rooms created inside the castle space. When completed the castle will be able to house exhibitions, both those associated with history ad those more modern associadet with regional art and culture


Cittaslow Representatives:

Krzysztof Mańkowski- Mayor of Szczytno

Phone: 89 624 72 00