South Korean National Network

Everything in creation has its own divine nature and life. We as humans need to exist in harmony with the rhythm of life in order to live full, happy lives. For humans, being slow in our lives is living in accordance with the pace of our minds. A truly advanced country is one which is led by its culture n art; it is a country that seeks to nurture harmony between nature, the arts, human beings n creatures plus the economy. We will devote ourselves to the development of unique characteristics of Corean Cittaslows, encouraging them to make the best use of creative attractiveness.

Slow Mind Slow Thinking!

With six Corean towns certified as in December 2007 and 2009 as the first Asian Cittaslows, Cittaslow Corea Network has an important mission, one that respects the highest values and ideas of the Cittaslow Charter: first, we guide Corean Cittaslows, recommend Cittaslow candidates and take care of the recertification of Corean Cittaslows; second, we promote Corean Cittaslows and expand the recognition; third, we exchange the matters of mutual concerns and experiences, and encourage networking between Cittaslow members from around the globe; and fourth, we contribute to the growth of the Slow Food movement across the nation. "Carpe diem and La vita è bella" can be more valuable in the fast-paced modern life, because "being slow is so beautiful and delightful." Corean Cittaslows need more love and support from all of you.

List of cities


County Mayor: Youn, Kyung-he


DAMYANG COUNTY (Changpyeong-myeon)

County Mayor: Choi, Hyung-sik


GIMHAE CITY (Bonghamaeul/ Hwapocheon Wetland Ecological Park)

City Mayor: Hwang, Seon-bong


HADONG COUNTY (Akyang-myeon)

County Mayor: Youn, Sang-ki


JECHEON CITY (Susan-myeon/ Bakdaljae)

City Mayor: Lee, Sang-cheon


JEONJU CITY (Jeonju Hanok Village)

City Mayor: Kim, Seung-su


MOKPO CITY (Oedal-do Island/ Dali-do Island/ Mokpo Modern Historical & Cultural Area)

City Mayor: Kim, Jong-sik



City Mayor: Cho, Kwang-han


SANGJU CITY (Hamchang-eup/ Gonggeom-myeon/ Ian-myeon)

City Mayor: Hwang, Cheon-mo


SEOCHEON COUNTY (Hansan-myeon)

County Mayor: Noh, Pak-rae


SHINAN COUNTY (Jeungdo Island)

County Mayor: Park, Woo-ryang


TAEAN COUNTY (Sowon-myeon)

County Mayor: Ka, Se-ro


WANDO COUNTY (Cheongsando Island)

County Mayor: Shin, Woo-chul


YEONGWOL COUNTY (Kimsatgat-myeon)

County Mayor: Choi, Myeong-seo



County Mayor: Oh, Do-chang


YESAN COUNTY (Daeheung-myeon/ Eungbong-myeon)

County Mayor: Hwang, Sun-bong


Cittaslow Supporter

  • Busan Metropolitan City


Cittaslow Friends

  • Taepyung Natural Salt Inc.
  • Maeil Dairies Co., Ltd
  • Evezary
  • LOTTE Homeshopping 


Representatives of Network

bon sohn

Coordinator of the National Cittaslow Corea Network
Intl Cittaslow Coordination Committee Member
Professor n Ph.D of GwanGwang (Tourism) Division
Hanyang University Seoul Corea

T 82 + 2 + 2052 1751F 82 + 2 + 2052 1755


Cittaslow South Korea

  1. Cheongsong County (Pacheon-myeon)
  2. Damyang County (Changpyeong-myeon)
  3. Gimhae (Bongha Village & Hwapocheon Wetland Eco Park)
  4. Hadong County (Akyang-myeon)
  5. Jecheon City (Susan-myeon & Bakdaljae)
  6. Jeonju City (Jeonju Hanok Village)
  7. Mokpo City (Oedal Island/ Dali Island /Modern historical & cultural area)
  8. Namyangju City (Joan-myeon)
  9. Sangju City (Hamchang-eup, Gonggeom-myeon, Ian-myeon)
  10. Seocheon County (Hansan-Myeon)
  11. Shinan County (jeung-do island)
  12. Taean County (Sowon-myeon)
  13. Wando County (Cheongsando Island)
  14. Yeongwol County (Kimsatgat-myeon)
  15. Yeongyang County (Seokbo-myeon)
  16. Yesan County (Daeheung & Eungbong-myeon)