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Sierpc is located in the north-east part of Mazovian Voivodeship, near the national road No 10, in the valley of the Sierpienica river and its confluence with the Skrwa Prawa. Sierpc is one of the oldest cities in Mazovia, located in a lowland, dominated by agricultural areas and forests. Sierpc describes itself as a clean environment place with close encounter of nature. Our town is the center of life for the surrounding villages, due to their administrative, educational, cultural and commercial functions. Inhabitants of the surrounding villages can enjoy all recreational, sporting, cultural and tourist attractions located in Sierpc.

Sierpc is a place where modern meets vintage, where history and culture are not forbidden. Outdoor events are organized every year. One of the biggest event is Kasztelański Festiwal Smaków (Castellan Festival of Tastes), during which regional flavors of Sierpc producers are represented e.g.: butcher’s products, cheese, beer and many more. 

One of the most visited tourist attraction is Museum of the Mazovian Countryside and Skansen Conference & Spa Hotel. There is also a Culture and Art Center, one of the most modern and significant cultural institutions in this region. 

Sierpc has been actively promoting the slogan "City with taste" for several years. Our local factories such as the "Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska w Sierpcu”, specializing in cheese production, or the "Browar Kaszetelan” - the producer of the local beer "Kasztelan" are our best showcase and a reason to be proud. In addition, the town is home to butchers products from "Olewnik" and "Stara Wędzarnia". We also have a local producer of mineral water "Marter" and small craft factories (glazier, shoemaker, tailor, carpenter, watchmaker), which operate in accordance with the art of these professions.


Representatives of Cittaslow:
Jarosław Perzyński (Mayor of Sierpc)

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