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Sianów, along with its 24 villages (the smallest administrative units in Poland) creates an administrative unit with the area of 227 square kilometres, it is inhabited by 13 500 people. The hospitable municipality of Sianów is a beautiful region situated among natural reserves and in the vicinity of the Baltic Sea. Sianow is free from big industry, it is known for its beautiful surroundings, clean air and a rich nature. Municipality Sianów is situated on the Slownski Coast on the Slupsk Plain. It`s natural boundaries are shaped by the lakes Jamno and Bukowo from the north, the bottom of the Uniesc River valley from the west, the forests of Chelmska Mountain and the Forest Inspectorate of Manowo from the south and the forest complex of the Forest Inspectorate of Karnieszewice from the east. 

Sianów was set up around the 14th century by an important trade route connecting Szczecin with Gdansk. It was as early as 1343 that Piotr Swieca from Polanw granted the settlement the town rights along with the permission to use the surrounding meadows, forests and lakes. 

At the turn of the 19th century the town experienced its most turbulent period. Damages of the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763), along with plagues of the time and the consequences of repeated march-pasts of Napoleon’s troops in 1807-1812 caused the decline of the town’s economy. The revival came with the beginning of capitalism and with agricultural reforms. The town flourished in terms of industry.



• The Eclectic Gate in Sianów – Sianów has a Medieval urban plan. One of its elements is the Eclectic Gate which dates back to 1896. It is built of red bricks with several geometrical decorative elements made of the same material in dark navy blue colour. 

• The Church in Iwiecino – The church was considered the most beautiful village church of the former Slawienski district. It was built in the late 14th century from the initiative of the Cistercian Monks. 

• The Town Hall in Sianów –  is the seat of the Municipality and Town Council. The building is one of the most precious historic monuments in Sianów. The town hall has a crest over the entrance and a well-functioning clock, which was renovated in 1991.

• Arboretum of Karnieszewice forest inspectorate – the area has 4,75 ha and it`s situated in the Baltic climate. The circumstances of establishing arboretum arboretum, its purposes and its creators’ names are not fully known. It is quite probable that the arboretum was established in 1881 on the occasion of the Pomeranian Forest Society Conference. 

• The Warsaw Uprising Insurgents’ Park – park with the area of 3,2 ha, created in the early 20th century, is situated in the town centre, on the southern bank of the Polnica River. There is an Eclectic Gate which connect part with Polish Army street. The Warsaw Uprising Insurgents’ Park was revitalized in 2011 and it was given the present name in 2014 - during the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.



Folk Film Festival - is the first, and one of very few in the world, film festival devoted to folk topics in Cinema. For over one hundred years since the method of recording moving pictures was invented, the country has given inspiration of filmmakers. 

Village society folklore is  permanently present in the Polish Cinema. It even has its classics, which was presented during the first edition of the Folk Film Festival in Sianów.

Folk Film Festival appeared from the passion for the Cinema and the natural need to promote Polish folk culture, as well as from interest in other arts. Hence the presence of music bands, street theatres, handicraftsmen and photographers, who have managed to capture the emotions of meetings and discussions about different dimensions of the country life. The festival is also an arena of dialogue about social transformations and artistic interests of smaller societies.

The days of the Sianów Town – a three-day yearly event for an inhabitants of the Sianów, it takes place at the end of May and beginning of June. There are outdoor games, presentations of societies and the inhabitants’ achievements, as well as sports competitions. The events’ main day is Saturday. There are exhibitions, fairs and presentations all day. Folk music bands, schools, the kindergarten, dance groups and other artists present their skills. The evening belongs to  invited star and to the inhabitants of Gmina Municipality, who enjoy themselves until the morning hours.


Local products

Traditional cuisine is a part of our cultural identity. Using traditional and local products is a key to region development and a great chance for the local society. Over the last few years, food produced according to our ancestors’ recipies has gained popularity. Sianow puts a great effort into promotion and creation a regional products of high quality and exceptional character, which are made according to tradition and use of natural products. An example of such product is the Honey from Sianów.

In 2014 and 2016 the Senior Academy in Sianów realized a project „Sianów with taste”  and encouraged inhabitants of the region to send their own recipies for local dishes and regional products. As a result, a cookery books were prepared. Floury food prevails in the book: dumplings, noodles and cakes, which confirm the thesis that the local people have great taste in such dishes.


The Mayor of the City of Sianow: 
Maciej Berlicki


Cittaslow Supervisor Sianow: 

Agata Szewczyk, e-mail:, phone: 0048 94 346 95 13


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