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Şavşat, which means Black Forest, was ruled by Georgian kings in the 13th century. Şavşat had been under Ottoman rule since 1547 and then it was captured by the Russians during the Ottoman-Russian War. After the withdrawal of the Russians from the region towards the end of the First World War, Şavşat was located within the borders of Georgia, which was independent between 1918-1921. In 1921, after the invasion of Georgia, it remained within the borders of Turkey. According to the population census of 1926, Şavşat is a district of Artvin province and it has 67 villages.



Şavşat, neighboring Georgia, is on a mountainous and rugged terrain. It is surrounded by high mountains. Kaçkar Mountains at an altitude of 3000 meters, are located in the west and northwest of the district, Arsiyan Mountains in the North, Yalnızçam Mountains forming the Ardahan-Artvin borders in the East, Sahara Mountains, and Karagöl Mountains in the South. The altitude of the district center is 1100 meters and the district joined the Cittaslow network in 2015.



Due to its rugged structure, agricultural lands are limited and there are no industrial facilities. Works are carried out to increase the contribution of the tourism sector, which has a potential for development, to the economy of the district. The economy of the district is largely relying on agricultural production. Agricultural production is in the form of a traditional family-type business structure and cooperatives have come to the fore in recent years. The economy of the district has suitable conditions in terms of beekeeping. The agricultural land of the district, which has an area of 1317 square kilometers, is 175,696 decares. The establishment declaration signed by 29 members under the name of Slow Food Tamara has been prepared and negotiations continue with the Coordinator of Cittaslow Turkey. 


Slow Food Leader - Cittaslow Representative

Name – Surname: Filiz ÖZCAN

GSM: 05322375179

e-mail: filizozcan@savsat.bel.tr

web: savsat.bel.tr



Natural gas installations were made to control air pollution.

Sewerage infrastructure projects were made.

Noise-polluting workplaces were moved to the industrial zone.

The ring road was put into service for traffic order.

Cittaslow Sunday event was organized to promote local development.

Traditional Snow Wrestling Festival and winter festivities were held.

Production activities were carried out within the scope of agricultural and local development projects.

Branding and promotion activities of the products were carried out.