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Geographical area

Sanyi is a rural township and located in the mountains of northwestern Taiwan (Latitude: 24.389263 | Longitude: 120.769476). Located in Miaoli County about 1.5 hours by train from Taipei. Sanyi is featured by extending low hills covered with camphor trees. This town has a total area of 69.3424 square kilometers with a population of 16,836 people. Being covered in clouds and fog during winter time, it’s also be known as “Foggy town”.


Camphor trees were planted on the mountain slopes in this township, and renowned Sanyi woodcarvings are sculpted from the fragrant wood. Sculpture making has long been a traditional industry in Sanyi, as has recreational farming. The industry dates back to the Japanese colonial era. Due to the improvements in sculpture making technique and enhancement in the living quality of Taiwanese people, Sanyi wooden sculptures are treasured and cherished. Sanyi wood sculpture museum is the only wood sculpture museum in Taiwan. The museum demonstrate charming wood sculpture in collection and meant to be passed on and continuously innovated, and is where the public gets to know more about wood sculpture.


Early exploitation of the Sanyi township area was for timber and hides. Later Tung oil was extracted from the abundant Tung trees and Camphor from the Camphor trees. Concurrently the wood carving industry developed. At one point over 80% of local families were employed in wood carving. At the end of the 20th century Sanyi began developing a tourist industry, Sheng-hsing station, remains of Longteng Bridge, Liyutan Reservoir, Shuimei Street, and recreational areas are unique attractions.

Presence of Slow Food presidia

Popularizing the Presence of Slow Food presidia is based on agriculture, food business, and community activities. We urge farmers to grow fruits and crops, ban Genetic modification, and creation agricultural leisure area in order to increase the sale of local products and enhance the value of rural area. There are 52 local business sign the Cittaslow convention. They use local ingredients and organic food to show Hakka food culture. In addition, we implement the concept of Slow Food Presidia through Slow Food Presidia activities and cooking lessons which are held by communities.

Contact: Section Manager, TANG, CHIANG-NING 

Tel: 886-037-872801;

Projects already implemented among the most significative ones which express of  being Cittaslow.

Sanyi is famous for its culture of Old Mountain Line which has beautiful landscapes. Along the ways, there are the highest point of western railway, Shengxing station, and graceful Longteng Bridge with historical and tourist value. In order to activate the idle railway, rail bike program will be developed from 2016 to 2018. Through the rail bike, tourist can enjoy the beauty of Sanyi.

Sanyi build Cittaslow network with Nanchuang, Fonglin, and Dalin. We held cittaslow activities, implement the concept of Cittaslow, and create better vision of life. We also plan to build Asia Cittaslow network with other Asia Countries and cooperate with each others. 

Main events:

  • Fire Dragon from the Cloud Festival: During May or June each year, a dragon tied up with straw and filled with prayers' incense sticks brings peace and avoid fierce.
  • Wood Carving Festival: From September to October each year, Sanyi has woodcarving activities. The vivid and touching woodcarvings fusion local tourism and ecological resources, and show the development of Sanyi woodcarving culture.
  • Fairs and Markets
  • Charity Market: Every year, residents gather together and sale games, food, agricultural products, handmade arts...etc. The earning will be donated to the needy.

Typical Products:

  • Woodcarving and Hakka Food.
  • Traditional recipes
  • The staple food of Hakka people is rice. The traditional “Hakka ban” is the representative cuisine. Besides, leicha ( literally "pounded tea"), a special kind of beverage made  from "scratch". The indigrants of Hakka leicha are grains which will be placed in a food processo and will reduced to a power. And the power will be placed into a serving bowl with hot water to produce a thin soup-like beverage.

Representatives of Cittaslow: 

Mayor: Lu Ming Chung

Contact: Mr. Yu Wei Chen