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The beauty of the Warmia region. A walk along the old streets of the town is a real pleasure, in particular, when we diversify our activities and spend some time relaxing at a cafe or a bar located in the charming tenement buildings. Having reinvigorated our bodies, it is worth paying a visit to the castle's contemporary art gallery. Franciszek Wielowieyski – a well-known painter and graphic artist stayed and created his works here. In Reszel, the atmosphere for artists has been very friendly for centuries.


  • Medieval market square with a well,
  • Castle of Warmia Bishops – 14th century. In the year 1811, Barbara Zdunk, charged with practicing black magic was burnt at the stake here and this was "the last such event in Europe" though not the last witch hunt,
  • St. Peter and Paul Parish Church – dating back to the middle of the 14th century,
  • Presbytery – situated nearby the church – at present in rather poor condition,
  • Gothic Bridges over the Sajna River,
  • Municipal park with an amphitheatre built in the 1930's,
  • Transfiguration of Jesus Orthodox Church from the 18th century (until the change of its title in 1963 it functioned as the Holy Cross Church),
  • Granary with a spandrel beam construction from the 18th century,
  • Post-Jesuit College – which was active between the years 1632 – 1772,
  • Classic Town Hall from 1815.


  • Castle and Gallery – For years, this has been a place of international exhibitions, meetings, plein-airs, conferences etc. It is the place where, among others, Franciszek Starowieyski, Adam Myjak, Teresa Pągowska, Kiejstut Bereźnicki and many others created their works,
  • The gallery and studio Adam Myjak.


  • Reszel pilgrimage route - (6 km), popular with pilgrims as early as the 15th century. Between 1733 and 1735, Baroque rosary shrines were built on both sides of the route which is also lined with lindens growing along the avenue,
  • Święta Lipka – Sanctuary of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Queen of the Christian Unity – a Baroque Basilica,
  • Bezławki – a castle turned into a church in the 16th century, it used to serve as a Protestant Church but at present it is a Catholic Church.

Culinary heritage

  • Castle restaurant – specialty – whole-roasted pike-perch in almonds, dumplings stuffed with mutton, Russian pierogis,
  • Trzczak Bakery – within the market square – a family company. Traditional handmade dough is baked in an old pre-war ceramic oven,
  • "Młynomag" – a mill near Reszel which has produced flour for over 600 years. Only wheat and rye coming from the region of Warmia and Masuria are used for production.

Tourist Information
Rynek 24, phone 0048 89 755 00 97

Cittaslow Representatives:

National Network Coordinator - Mr. Zdzislaw Szypulski

Marek Janiszewski – Mayor of Reszel

Supervisor Cittaslow Reszel - Magdalena Drapała