Peel en Maas

Member of the Dutch National Network

The Peel and Maas municipality is a pragmatic and no-nonsense rural municipality between the De Peel nature area and the Maas river. With excellent surrounding infrastructure, a total surface area of approx. 16.000 hectares and 11 villages with over 43.000 residents. All of them are “doers” who proudly give meaning to their own environment. Experience the great diversity of nature, landscapes and attractions. 

The municipality has three core values: self-direction, diversity and sustainability. These values determine the strategy, policy and day-to-day conduct.

What makes our municipality special? Self-direction! Residents, entrepreneurs and the organisations who are themselves responsible for the development of their own village. The municipality facilitates and supports where necessary.

Additionally, the municipality nurtures diversity! In the identity and the character of the villages... but also in the landscapes and the many different types of activity. Our region has it all!! 

Sustainability is key in the municipal policy. This means that we take future generations into account in all kinds of ways. This keeps Peel en Maas lively and ready for the future. 

The open character of the Municipal House reflects the core values. We’re open to debate and serve the residents, companies and institutions in the way that they feel is most suitable and pleasant. Supported by innovative technical possibilities and deregulation.

With these 3 core values and ambitions, the municipality distinguishes itself as a proud but especially pragmatic and no-nonsense rural municipality.

Peel en Maas Municipality... Embrace the freedom!


Representatives of Cittaslow:
Mayor W.J.G. (Wilma) Delissen-van Tongerlo 
Facebook: Burg Delissen
Twitter: @burgDelissen

Kèvin Bos

Gemeente Peel en Maas
Wilhelminaplein 1
5981 CC Panningen
The Netherlands