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Pasym full of charm and mystery - one of the oldest cities in Masuria (city rights from 08.04.1386 onwards), while Gate Mazur.

Traces of human activity in the area dates back to the time Pasym Middle Stone Age (8000 - 4000 BC). On the Peninsula Ostrow j Kalwa settlement existed tribes Galinds "Round Up" (VI - VIII). The new city was created under the agreement of 1254 between the Teutonic Knights, a Bishop of the Warmia and power belonged to the bishopric of Warmia.

Since the thirties of the twentieth century Pasym uses its natural beauty: forests, lakes and climate for the organization of leisure and tourism. On the shores of lakes, numerous resorts and campsites.

Pasym Located on the lake, in the Warmia - Mazury, in the district of Szczytno just 30 km from the capital region - Olsztyn, surrounded by beautiful forests and lakes creates the opportunity to rest in the bosom of nature. Our natural conditions, climatic characteristics, terrain, forests, lakes, pure and natural monuments, nature and cause that Pasym is the perfect place to relax away from the hustle and bustle. Pasym is an ideal place for fishing, collecting fruits of the forest, the contact with nature and history. We are a city of four towers: two churches, the town hall tower and positioned directly above a beautiful lake Kalwa. Every year there are Pasymska Concert Organ and Chamber Music, bringing together performers from all over the world. Pasym this history, tradition, unblemished nature, is a regional and traditional taste will last, especially fish dishes.
Cultural events - art:

  • Midsummer (June), Days of City (July), Harvest Festival (August);
  • "Pasymska Concert Organ and Chamber Music" (July , August );
  • Fish: fresh, smoked, fried, processed fish, tinctures of various fruit- flavored flowers and undergrowth;
  • Traditional dishes: "Lin in cream with mushrooms", "Lin la tripe", "Mushroom soup grandmother Gertrude" .

Cittaslow Supervisor:
Jarosław Andrzej Milewski, ul. Rynekt 8, 12-130 Pasym