Nowy Dwór Gdański

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Geographical area. Nowy Dwór Gdański - a city in the center of Żuławy, vibrant unhurried rhythm. It lies on the River Tuga, in the Delta Wisły. Wide horizon, vast fields, the great plain dotted with rape, grain and grass. We arrive at the airport in 40 minutes. To Gdańsk (44 km) or in the opposite direction to Elblag (24 km) lead us expressway S7. In 20 minutes we get on the Mierzeja Wiślana.

A few hundred years ago, they were watery marshes, now a picturesque, rural area, full of memorabilia of interesting history, especially newcomers from Holland- Mennonites. Hydraulic devices protect us from flooding. Many people think that the beginning of existence of the Nowy Dwór Gdański started when the family of banker Loitz arrived to Żuławy in 1548. Several years later, Colonel Ernest Wejher paved Markstraβe street (now Wejhera), which became a separate independent growing trading and craft settlement.
Since 1776. The city began to be associated with the most over the years a symbol - Peter Stobbe vodka factory known for the famous gin Machandel. Stobbe family company has contributed to the growing importance of the village Tiegenhof (the German name for the Nowy Dwór Gdański), which in 1880 received city rights.

The city has an attractive investment opportunity for investors. Relevant provisions in the development plans of the city and the location along the national route S7 is an opportunity for the economic development of the city.
Presence of Slow Food presidia (address of Slow Food policy and Convivium leader's name and surname, tel. e-mail).
Indications of one or more requirements and/or Projects already implemented among the most significative ones which express of being Cittaslow.
Indications of any project organized together with other cities/call etc..

Additional items:
The Days of Żuławy, Action Summer, Car Free Day, Kite Festival, Old Jazz on Tuga, apple juice extraction, Jazz Soul's Day, Santas on Motors, workshops Christmas and Easter decorations.

Fairs and Markets

  • flea Market

Typical Products
Typical local products included in the list of traditional products of Pomorskie province and belong to them "bałabuchy marzęcińskie" and "roast bacon" from Marzęcino.
Traditional recipes

Representatives of Cittaslow:
Marta Dorobek, Head of the Organization, Promotion and Development, phone 55 247 24 04