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Visible from afar, the distinctive landmark of the Ries metropolis is the hall church of St. George with the bell tower affectionately called “Daniel” in the vernacular. A marvelous panorama of the medieval city and Ries plateau delights all those who venture to the top. This unique landscape was created almost 15 million years ago through the impact of a meteorite and today is one of 13 national Geoparks in Germany. Located on the “Romantic Road”, Nördlingen is enclosed by Germany’s only completely preserved city wall with an accessible parapet walkway. Since 2009 Nördlingen also bears the rating ”Cittaslow”, designating membership in the international association of livable cities. Let Nördlingen enchant you. As you know, “the nicest corners are round!” 

Nördlingen’s townscape is dominated by the almost circular historic old city which is surrounded by a 2.7-kilometer-long city wall with accessible parapet walk. The historic old city is so well preserved because of its centu- ies-long “hibernation” as a result of the dreadful consequences of the Thirty Years’ War. With the Battle of Nördlingen, 1634 was a fateful year for the city. Let yourself be taken back to the time of the wool-cloth weaver, anner and dyer. Very few cities in Germany have such an intact Tanners’ District as found today in Nördlingen. 


Traditional festivals and modern events in Nördlingen provide a good mix for young and old. The traditional “Stabenfest” has been celebrated in Nördlingen for over 600 years. The highpoint is the annual parade, in which more than 2,000 festively dressed school children march through the old city singing and carrying flowers. Exciting rides for all ages, thrills for the adventurous, carnival stands and a pavilion with a fantastic musical program attract tens of thousands of visitors to the annual “Nördlingen Mess’” (Nördlingen City Fair). A distinctive feature is provided by over 200 market stands which turn the fair into a gigantic, open-air department store. Every three years the former Free Imperial City of Nördlingen goes back to its roots in the Middle Ages for a long weekend. During the three-day “Historic City Wall Festival” historically dressed craftsmen, musicians, jugglers and artists, flag twirlers and drummers cavort through the medieval old city. 

The Scharlachrennen—one of the first and oldest equestrian sporting events—took place on the Nördlingen “Kaiserwiese” field as early as 1438. With its honored traditions, it has been an important date on the international tournament calendar for quite some time. The seasonally decorated market stands, the unique atmosphere of the medieval townscape and the magical glow of lights will definitely put you in the holiday mood. With its delicious treats, tempting scent of Glühwein (hot, spiced wine) in the air and special art and handcrafts for sale, the Nördlingen Christmas Market is among the nicest and largest in Swabia. Additional highlights of the year in Nördlingen include the Open-Air Cinema in the Ochsenzwinger, the regionally notable markets, the old-city flea market for young and old, and much, much more. 



Mayor: DAVID WITTNER - wittner@noerdlingen.de