Nordik Cittaslow Network

Nordic Cittaslow Network was established  in Eidskog January 22. 2009 with following members: Falköping Municipality in Sweden, Svendboreg Municipality in Denmark, Eidskog Municipality in Norway and Sokndal Municipality in Norway. The Cooperation Agreement shall cover any new Cittaslow members from Nordic countries in the future.

The background to the Nordic network is membership of the international Cittaslow movement. Its main objective is to improve inhabitants quality of life, build on hospitality in the area and create a strong identity for the area and municipality. In total, membership currently includes 52 criteria in the followfing areas: the environment, infrastructure, area planning/quality, local production, hospitalilty and information/commitment.

Another objective of the Nordic Cittaslow Network is that it should result in collaboration in other areas, e.g. the public sector, business and industry, clubs/associations, private persons etc.

A Representative Committee is elected consisting of two elected delegates from each members municipality. The Representative Committee organises itself with a chair and deputy chair for two years at a time. The leadership shall alternate between the member countries. For 2009 and 2010 the mayor in Sokndal, Dag Sørensen, is the leader. Sokndal also have the secretary for the same time.

The Select Committee consists of representative from the administration of each of the member municipalities.

Nordic Cittaslow Network works together about 1 - 2 annual project: Homepage, initiated projects within the certification of Cittaslow companies and a project that goes on the host role. 


Cittaslow Denmark

  1. Mariagerfjord
  2. Svendborg


Cittaslow Finland

  1. Kristinestad


Cittaslow Iceland

  1. Djupavogshreppur


Cittaslow Norway

  1. Sokndal
  2. Ulvik


Cittaslow Sweden

  1. Falköping