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Geographical area

Nanzhuang is located in mid-north Taiwan. This town has a total area of 165 kilometers with a population of 10,663 people. Nanzhuang is mainly inhabited by Hakka people, Saisiyat and Atayal aboriginals, making it a good example of ethnic integration in Taiwan. 


Rests among hills, this scenic town has not been over-developed. The economy of Nanzhuang is based on leisure agriculture with products such as shitake mushrooms, organic black funguses, makino bamboo shoots, Taiwan pleione, and farming trouts. 


Nanzhuang area was the residency of Saisiyat people. Han Chinese come to this area to reclaim in 18th centuries and integrated themselves into Saisiyat society via mixed marriage, and that made Nanzhuang become a multiethnic community later. During Japanese-Occupied Period, the Japanese government started the coal and camphor industries.


Locating in subtropical area, Nanzhuang is surrounded by hills and mountains with mean annual temperature of 20.7degrees Celsius. Makino bamboo shoot, organic black fungus, Taiwan pleione, shitake mushrooms, and farming trouts are the main products of Nanzhuang.

-Organic farming project

Organic agriculture has been promoted in this area since 2011. Farmers are encouraged to replace chemical fertilizer with natural farming. 

-Penglai River Ecological Conservation Project

Penglai River originates from Baguali Mountain, the ecology of the river was once harmed because of over-hunting. As a result, the government and residents reached a common consensus and started Penglai River Ecological Conservation Project to rebuild the ecosystem of the river.

This program forbad hunting all year in Penglai River. Volunteers set up patrols to ward the river. Today, this area has been planned as Penglai River Ecological Park.


Qiu Zi Zeng - Mayor of Nanzhuang