Mokpo City

Member of the South Korean National Network

(Oedal Island/ Dali Island /Modern historical & cultural area)

Geographical area:
Located at the southwestern tip of the Corean Peninsula, Mokpo is surrounded by more than 1400 islands. Mokpo is the gateway to the southwestern sea of Korea and a trade center on the Pan Yellow Sea region.

Mokpo was a strategic foothold during Goryeo and Joseon (918–1910) dynasties, and the Mokpo garrison (jin) was established in 1439 to control offshore islands. On October 1, 1897, Mokpo became the first port to be opened independently on the orders of King Gojong.

Fisheries, food service industry, etc. 

Indications of one or more requirements and/or Projects already implemented among the most significative ones which express of being Cittaslow:
Community campaigns to promote the Cittaslow philosophy, Projects to brand Mokpo as the city of taste through restoring traditional food (Cittaslow food), Projects to brand Mokpo’s islands under the theme of slowness and healing, Projects to establish modern historical and cultural streets through restoring modern historical and cultural resources.

Indications of any project organized together with other cities/call.
Plans to play to significant features and strengths of each the Cittaslow member towns in conjunction with Cittaslow Shinan and Cittaslow Wando in Corea.

Main events: 
Mokpo Yudalsan Mountain Flower Festival: Yudalsan boasts a magnificient view of the entire of Mokpo. The festival is held annually in April when Yudalsan is covered with a variety of colorful flowers in spring.

Mokpo Harbor Festival:
Mokpo is the herb city of west and southern coast. The festival is held in October and intends to preserve and promote the origianl maritime culture.

Mokpo Culture Night Tour:
The buildings in old downtown of Mokpo have great historical and architectural value. The event helps visitors to enjoy modern cultural heritages of Mokpo during Korea’s enlightenment at the end of 19th century.

Fairs and Markets: 
Jeonnam-do Innovation Fair, Cheongho Market, Jayu Market, Dongbu Market

Typical Products:
Dried laver, cutlassfish, Indongju (traditional liquor made from honeysuckle)

Traditional recipes: 
Hongeosamhap (fermented skate and steamed pork slices with Kimchi), sliced raw croaker, spicy swimming crab salad, stewed beltfish, sliced raw pomfret, seasoned pacific herring, monkfish soup, rockfish stew

Representatives of Cittaslow: 
Jong-sik Kim (Mr.) / +82-61-270-3201 /


Mayor, Mr. Jong-sik Kim