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Representative of Cittaslow 
Wim van Dalen


Cittaslow Midden-Delfland

The municipality of Midden-Delfland has been chosen as the first Cittaslow of the Netherlands! On 28 June 2008, the municipality was awarded with the  certificate in Italy. As the first Dutch Cittaslow, the municipality of Midden-Delfland is also Cittaslow Capital of the Netherlands. This pioneering role as a capital suits our municipality well. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the open peat meadow area and typical towns within the heavily urbanised areas of Rotterdam, The Hague Delft and the greenhouses of the Westland very much. For areas like Midden-Delfland, it is important to foster the local identity, strengthen it and continue to develop it.

Geographical area Midden-Delfland

Midden-Delfland is a municipality of 18,000 residents and has various town centres: Maasland,Schipluiden and Den Hoorn. It is located in the conurbation of the Dutch Randstad. The Randstad is the most densely built-up inhabited area of the country. Nearly 1.3 million people live around the Midden-Delfland area where the pressure of urbanisation is high. The area was entirely built-up in 20 years, and this small patch of green has become a rare commodity. Midden-Delfland has been given the task from the government of cherishing and watching over its small patch of green. That means that the area must remain agricultural and has to attract more recreation and tourism. This creates a unique situation: the traditional Dutch polder landscape is located next to the city.

Presence of Slow Food presidia
We are developing this at this very moment. At this moment I cannot give the details of the Convivium Chairman..

Local products

When it comes to local products, there are many initiatives. The h’Eerlijk Delfland (honest local products) organisation promotes local products and sells them in so-called ‘farm shops’. Another initiative is the Groen Goud Foundation (Green Gold Foundation) where entrepreneurs, associations and the municipality work together.

Cittaslow Midden-Delfland has a couple of products made by local entrepreneurs, such as:

- Grape

- Honey

- Farm-made old fashioned dairy products


- New substainable Townhall

- LED- streetlights

- Dimming streetlights


Indications of any project organized together with other cities/call etc..
Last year several agreements have been made between other Cittaslow municipalities and schools in our region for exchange projects. The organisation of this has the intention that students from other countries in our region are staying with a guest family and follow the school program  on the school where agreements have been made.