Jingyang (Jingde County)

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Geographical region

Jinyyang Town is subordinate to Jingde County, Xuancheng City, Anhui Province. It is located in Southeast China, at the longitude of 118.53°and the latitude of 30.28°. It is the eastern portal of Huangshan Scenic Spot, a world natural and cultural heritage. The town has a total area of 109 square kilometers, having a jurisdiction over 14 villages (communities), a population of 43,000 and a forest coverage rate of 66%. It is the cradle of wood movable type printing and Anhui inkstick, the heritage area of Hui-style culture, the hometown of “inkslab” and lucid ganoderma and the concentration area of religious culture and geomantic culture.

Zhuwang Village was built in the late Sui Dynasty and the early Tang Dynasty. So far, it has a history of more than 1,400 years. It is a traditional ancient village known far and wide. The village has profound cultural deposits, a long cultural history, unique architectural landscapes, with a reputation of "small bridge, flowing water, household". There are 47 well-preserved ancient buildings in the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty, including famous provincial cultural relics protection units—— Chuiyu Hall, Shaoxing Hall and “Nine Wells and Thirteen Bridges”. The famous literary quotation "one should care his own business" also comes from the ancient village Zhuwang.


Jingyang was built in the second year of Baoying Period of the Tang Dynasty (763 A.D.). It is in the range of Hui-culture cradle in Chinese Dunhuang, Tibetan, Hui three regional cultures. Jingyang's regional culture is broad and deep, and is characterized by whole series, etc., inclusive of folk economy, society, life and culture contents of late Chinese feudal society. Its ancient buildings, patriarchal clan, ancestral hall and temple are preserved type specimens of late Chinese feudal society.


Health industry is the only main industry of Jingyang Town. Ecological economy is the main economic structure development mode, and ecological tourism is main expression form of health service industry. All villages and communities in the whole town are supported by health industry. Production and processing of health agricultural products, health medicine, Chinese herbal medicine planting and ecological tourism effectively ensure Jingyang Town has a benign development of ecological environment and economy. At present, the whole town has 4 kinds of organic foods, 5 kinds of green foods, and 12 kinds of pollution-free products that have been registered, and 4 kinds of nuisance free agricultural products and 32380 mu of ecological farm that have been certified and a blueberry garden of 500mu; Local residents rely on pollution-free tea, traditional Chinese medicinal materials, wild vegetables, agricultural products, etc. to develop the ecological tourism continuously and efficiently, with a per capita net income of up to USD$10,000.

Slow Food Movement

1.Slow Food Movement will be held in Zishan Hotel, Jingyang Town. Jingyang Town Government, local hotel industry association and excellent tourist hotels in Anhui Province reach a cooperation to develop the lucid ganoderma health preservation series Slow Food Movement with lucid ganoderma, health preservation series and slow culture as elements, and provide a health preservation and food and beverage service. 

(Zishan Hotel, Liu Ning, fixed phone: 0563-8602000, mobile phone: 13905635060, E-mail: jdzsbg@163.com)

2. Support the enterprises and workshops such as Zhuwang Beancurd Mill to produce and process foods with traditional handcraft the an organic way.

 Beancurd Mill, Yang Shijin, telephone: 13615630902, E-mail: 415674548@qq.com)

3. Support Xinwang Blueberry Garden to promote original ecological green food production, cultivate blueberry chicken scale cultivation, build the blueberry mountain villa and establish circular under-forest economy and develop the series activities such as blueberries picking, sightseeing and countryside dining at a slow rhythm.

 Blueberry Garden, Wang Jinbao, phone: 13805635663, E-mail: 563756010@qq.com)

Other projects 

1. The Jingyang Town Government and the Town Cultural Tourism Commission actively prepare, attend and support to recover the historical and cultural heritage programs of Huihou City, Jingde Town such as Praying for Rain by Tapping the Ground with Sticks and the Crying Marriage. 

2. Jingyang Town Government and the departments such as Huangshan East Line Management Committee and Traffic and Transportation Bureau organize to implement the construction of slow city infrastructures and service facilities projects such as slow greenway and lucid ganoderma park.

3. The Jingyang Town Government and the County Cultural Tourism Commission actively prepare, attend and support to hold the 20th National Confucius Temple Conference.

4. Jingyang Town cooperates with the educational research institutes such as Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and East China Normal University. It holds the World Leisure and Healthy Development Conference jointly with the World Leisure Organization, aiming to promote the research and generalization of slow concepts such as leisure, health preservation and health in the small cities of developing countries and build an international slow city suitable for residence, business and tourism.

Main Activities:

The Jingyang Town Government assists the departments of broadcasting, TV and cultural tourism, etc. to propagandize the slow city movement regularly via the media such as broadcast, TV and newspaper and penetrate the slow culture pursuing nature, ecology and sustainable development into the residents’ cultural life. 

Jingyang Town Government requires all hotels and restaurants under its jurisdiction to use green and ecological food materials to interpret the features of local Slow Food Movement with light food taste, comfortable food environment and Hui-style architectural scene.

Bazaar and market: Jingyang Wanhe Vegetable Market is located in North Jiefang Road and surrounded by residential quarters, with a convenient transportation and complete facilities. It has a total area of more than 7,000 square meters and 360 booths in Self-production and self-sales zone to sell green, organize and pollution-free agricultural products planted or cultivated by local residents themselves.

Featured products: Yunle Under-forest Lucid Ganoderma Base has a total area of nearly 3,000 mu, which is China’s largest under-forest semi-wild organic lucid ganoderma. It can drive surrounding peasant households to become rich and increase income. It was awarded the title of “the Hometown of Lucid Ganoderma in China”.

Beef : Jingyang Wannan Small Cattle is the only cattle breed in Wannan Mountain Area, China. It was listed into national level variety resources during resource censor in 2009 and in the same year, it was listed into Anhui Province’s first batch of provincial genetic resources protection list.

Green sugarcane: Jingyang’s air temperature, moisture, soil and illumination are very suitable for growth of green sugarcane. Jingyang Town has a history of more than 1000 years in terms of cultivation of green sugarcane. “Jingyang Green Sugarcane” can be stored for eating in May of next year if it is stored properly.

Inkslab: It is black and bright as paint, and generally can be divided into several shapes, namely geometric shape, imitation shape, random shape and natural shape. It was awarded the title of “the Hometown of inkslab in China” by China Association of Four Treasures of Study in 2014.

Sealwort: Organize selenium-rich sealwort series products developed with selenium-rich sealwort as raw material, such as selenium-rich sealwort preserved fruit, sealwort tea, sealwort instant powder and selenium-rich sealwort buccal tablet, are deeply favored by consumers and sold well in the national market.

Wooden grooming products: the high-quality woods such as green sandalwood, Chenguibao and boxwood are used to make wooden comb, wooden mirror, wooden hairpin, etc., with exquisite workmanship and Huizhou wood carving style.

Huizhou Cured Meat: Jingyang abounds in black pig. The pork of black pig is very delicious, fat but not greasy. The cured meat, sausage and ham with the pork of black pig can be called special food of Jingyang.

Chinese torreya: Jingyang has high mountains and dense forests, fresh air and clear rivers. It is one of natural distribution areas with wild Chinese torreya in China, and reserves a large batch of protospecies of Chinese torreya. The Chinese torreya originating from Jingyang has unique flavor and good quality, which is a green food worthy of the name.

Tea: The tea production base is located in the eastern mountain chain of Mount Huangshan. It is covered with cloud and mist all year around and has very good climate. Advantageous ecological environment brings out high-quality tea leaves. “Tianshan Shenxiang” brand green tea was given the title of product of geographical indication in 2016.

Rice: Jingyang has a long history in terms of rice cultivation and is known as the “Granary of Huizhou”. Jingyang Rice has high nutritive value. The cooked rice is white and glossy, soft and not sticky, and will not harden after it cools. It has obtained national green food certification and organic food certification.

Ancient lampblack ink and ancient art inkpad: The ancient lampblack inck is a purely handmade traditional painting and calligraphy ink. Burn China wood oil, lard oil and raw lacquer with Juncus effusus, collect the smoke with bowel and use such smoke plus animal skin glue and multiple precious and rare auxiliary materials to make it after hammering for several thousand times. The finished product has no any modern chemical additives, with the characteristics of black bloomed color, hardness and brightness, without fading after a long time, thick fragrance and anti-corrosion and antimoth. The ancient artinkpad is a recipe passed down from the ancestors of Jingde artist Wang Chunlin. It has a bright color, which will not change after a long time and is free of corrodibility; The inkpad is fine and smooth and glossy, full of elasticity. The impression of seal has no red leakage; it will not mildew and rot and harden after a long time.

Traditional formula: it reserves the skills such stone carving, wood carving, brick carving and making ink with lamp smoke, and has traditional handicrafts of bamboo ware and handmade tea; it encourages the folk artists to make creations.


Liu Minghui - Mayor of Jingyang

Phone: 18956369513  
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website: http://www.ahjd.gov.cn/

Zhu Yuanyuan - Representative Cittaslow Jingyang