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Geographical Area
Göynük is a typical Ottoman Town, which 98 kilometers further from Bolu and settled on 1437 km2 area, having 730 meters height above sea level. Göynük's aquatic ecosystems consist of creeks, Çubuk and Sünnet Lakes, floodplains, marshes, wetlands, serpentine seeps, and springs. 

The first settlers of the region were Scythians and Thracians. Until the Hellenistic era, Göynük was under the sovereignty of Bithynia. After then, it became the settlement for Alexander the Great, Rome, Byzantine and  Seljuk state. In 1330 Gazi Süleyman Paşa, the son of Orhan Gazi, renewed the city situated on Baghdad road and built a mosque and bath there bearing his name. The tomb of Akşemseddin who had great contribution in the conquest of İstanbul, is in the yard of these two historical works.

Economy & Culture 
Agriculture and tourism are the main sectors in Göynük. Göynük has a 30% share in chicken production in the Turkish market. 

Göynük, where tholder of the historical periods underwent could be relayed to the present time in the great scale, and where the place making house the first samples of the Early Ottoman Age Architecture, is also that the rich of handcraft arts. The town's rich historical pattern is constituted from; The oldest 700 years houses, Gazi Süleyman Pasha Mosque, Gazi Süleyman Paşa Bath,  Victory Tower, historical plane trees.

In the Göynük cultural values and traditions, clothing, traditional life, traditional culinary culture and social relations are still alive. In the district are made of traditional hand looms cloth and weave which has a rich culture. Göynük is one of the places where spoon making still survives thanks to the spoon makers.

Main Events
In the Göynük continue traditional activities which is  included in the cittaslow network. The feast of need, Akşemsettin remembrance day, fair, Ramadan "street iftars", mass circumcision feast and traditional rice days. The people in Göynük socializing at this special days. 

Typical Products
Mountain plum, Linden tree, hazelnuts,  rosehip, cranberry are the important products of the region.  Goynuk is one of the most productive truffle-rich areas of Turkey. There are also different and important varieties of mushrooms and other agricultural products.


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