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The Land of Adventure Hunters. The only health resort in the Warmia and Masuria region. It welcomes us with the cleanest air in Poland, boundless forests, picturesque lakes and hills and uncommon buildings as well as the delicacies of the local cuisine. It is a perfect place to practice active tourism all year round and to relax from the turmoil of civilisation by spending some time in the untamed nature, feeling the history and meeting unusual people.


  • Health resort district – at lake Gołdap – which boasts graduation towers, a pump room, a promenade with walking paths and biking routes, equipment for exercises and a pier. This is a mud-climatic health resort that provides treatment for rheumatic, orthopaedic and injury, respiratory tract, cardiological, neurological and women's diseases,
  • Town market square – with its solar clock, walking avenues, open amphitheatre and colourfully lit fountains,
  • Piękna Góra (272 m above sea level) – skiing routes, luge track, chairlift, and a rotating cafe at the top,
  • Kumiecie Forest– excellent routes for cross-country skiing during the winter-time; this is the place where one of the oldest skiing events in Poland takes places – the Yotvingians' Race; during World War II – it was the Luftwaffe headquarters with the code name: Robinson,
  • Water tower – a monument with scenic routes and a cafe at the top,
  • Museum of the Gołdap Land – located inside a historic former barrack building with exhibitions showing artifacts related to history and tradition.


  • Romincka Forest with Wilhelm's Stones and Borecka Forest with its European bison husbandry,
  • Bezkrwawe safari [Bloodless safari] – wild animal husbandry farm,
  • Masurian Pyramid in the village of Rapa – a tomb from the end of the 18th century, modelled upon the Egyptian pyramids, housing the mummified corpses of the Prussian Farenheid family,
  • Bridges in Stańczyki – an element of an inoperative railway line between Gołdap and Żytkiejmy,
  • Tripoint in Bolcie- the point of contact of three borders: Poland – Lithuania -Russia.


  • Cepelinai – a potato delicacy with meat stuffing, whose holiday is celebrated during the Borderland Festival "Kartaczewo" on the first Sunday of August,

Culinary heritage

  • The Masuria Hills Honey (entered into the List of Traditional Products by the Minister of Agriculture),
  • Zajazd "Pod Piękną Górą" [Pod Piękną Górą Inn]
  • Canteen of the Primary School No. 3 - Gołdap,
  • Gołdap Association of Beekeepers,
  • Agrotourism Farm - "Trzy Świerki"[Three Spruces] - Galwiecie,
  • Agricultural farm - Rudziewicz - Zatyki,
  • "Młyn"[Mill] Bar - Banie Mazurskie,

Tourist information
Plac Zwycięstwa 16, phone 0048 87 615 20 90

Cittaslow Representatives:

Tomasz Luto - Mayor of Gołdap

Supervisor Cittaslow Gołdap – Justyna Charkiewicz