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Enns gives you a great sense of magic. The magic of Enns is saved by the city wall - that's how it seems. And this maybe is the cause why the magic is still there.

Not for nothing Enns is the only town in Austria which got the "Citta Slow" award. Enns took this award for a clear sign, to be self-conscious about a new life- and town philosophy, directly to the true values and back to real enjoyment.

How you live, is a matter of personal philosophy. Where you live also. Living in Enns means to live your life through and through to be able to enjoy. All possibilities. Feel secure embedded in a community that is not anonymous. And part of a myth, the city has always surrounded them.

The myth Enns provides a backdrop, known as resident to enjoy every day, but what many visitors assume long distances. Many believe even, Enns was the Austrian Siena. Both are medieval towns. Both exhilarate the entity of being saved behind city walls.


Enns is the oldest town in Austria and the only one with a closed city wall. As applied to a precious treasure to guard. Only three roads provide access to this valuable interior. Gracefulness the word which fits best.Historical sites are in a special way in harmony with modern city life.

In the centre of the town of turrets there you will find outstanding the town's landmark: the abandoned tower. The tower is a perfect starting point for a lot of rediscoveries. Whether recreation, culinary or mystical art. Delightful different should not only be hot air, it means a great range of characteristics and activities. Of course that means also to get to know Enns in its cultural complexity and to show its own personality.

Starting with the "Alperschnalzen" and the New Years concert going to must tasting, meeting of Old-timers, summer theatre up to the cultural autumn and advent swimming. Events that are not only the Ennserinnen and Ennser attract, but also many interested parties from the immediate vicinity. For cultural treasures are rare, but such things gets around.

However, culture to offer is just one thing and belongs to a city philosophy that gives life more content and more pleasure to do so. The other thing is to have a cultural thing but itself. So the sum of the atmosphere, tradition, mobility, people, cuisine, humanity and much more. Enns combines both aspects. And above all, this makes its value. Oldtimer meeting in the historic city centre New Year's concert in the city hall Traditional Aperschnalzen Prince couple at the carnival parade Stroll in the "Cittá Slow".

When it is warm outside there is a lot of ambraces in the streets. Particularly at the city square you can enjoy this pulsating and at the same time contemplative life. Hospitality and the ability of real benefit Ennser a downright tear. And then again and again it is a nice feeling of belonging. Enns is a city full of life benefit. But not turbulence, bustle or unrest have space. No, rather, kindness and happiness.

This frolic children, then a group of young people discussed suggested, opposite to a connoisseur tilts his wine glass, further back, a coffeeparty enjoys desserts. The cuisine scene is naturally an important place this event. The local sites are of flair, atmosphere and pure enjoyment. From home-style cooking of Mediterranean delights to stylish cafes and bars busy is the welcoming diversity. Not the history, not the buildings, not even the legends alone characterized the atmosphere of this city, but rather its people and what they make from all this. Enns has been a conscious and pleasurable way of life and combines ancient and modern, mythical and individual values. Enns responsibly on the right track. All the advantages of a city to enjoy and yet in a rural community dominated at home. This is the residence Enns. On the one hand, the good local services, an attractive shopping offer, the ideal transport links, an intense cultural and recreational life. On the other hand, many areas of pure grassland, comforting familiarity, personal sociability, valuable peace and harmony. And then there's the magic that surrounds this city. Influenced also by the original architecture of many buildings.

Time for recovery, time for Enns

To live in historic, often listed houses is a specialty! This reputation, also for the Enns so typical image to maintain, is common objective. And is officially supported: With funding of the province of Upper Austria, the city of Enns and the TSE Advisory Council represented Ennser local banks. This professional advice substance in the ancient appealing objects with a high quality of life transform. Feeling well behind historic walls... with magnificent courtyards Fabulous living in the city wall Romantic gardens in the moat Relaxing in historic surroundings

From the first cry of life until evening

Successful, housing and living – this describes Enns the truly best. Settling in every aspect of life section always feels cared for, guarantee social deals, despite small- town structure where a large city. Institutions dealing primarily by close human and every life stage can support a family Expert advice about parents. Or loving child care. All sites, where even the little ones may exist the greatest adventures in sheltered environment. Especially at heart for Enns is the youth. Accordingly, big is the commitment to provide opportunities

to: youth centre, taxi for youth, Secondary school, grammar school, Zuckerfabrik which offers throughout the year interesting events and concerts. Lifelong Learning, VHS Enns offers enjoyable other ways of training. The offer is still long continue: Psychosocial services for every life situation, various self-help groups and advisory bodies, a dense network of doctors, an excellent hospital, a wide range of service facilities for the elderly alone with over 2000 employees, they understand, cherish, maintain and around to supervise. Enjoy life in all situations - that is Enns.

Leisure lovers and lived

Shutdown, may find peace, seek entertainment, sports, leisure with every evening and every weekend to enjoy. Possibilities lacking in Enns indeed not. Even the fact that Enns to the Romantic Road, guaranteed wonderfully relaxing hours in open countryside. Many walking and cycling paths, the magnificent castle park, intact forests with mystical places and lots of places for discoveries. The sportsmanship of our residents developed a diverse mix of offerings. Wishes do not remain open. Tennis, cycling, swimming, gymnastics, running, of course riding in the K & K riding hall and all other possibilities you can expect from such a vibrant city.

Also speaking cultural and historical treasures a permanent invitation. An invitation that not only tourists and art lovers to adopt, but also many Ennser. The main attraction for the people is without doubt the famous castle. It reflects the Ennser life and opportunities in all the wonderful diversity reflected: ballet school, gallery, country music school, chapel, the most beautiful registry office far and wide, inviting a well-kept park and restaurants.

The backbone of any successful city

The economy is a key engine for the recovery of a city. When it is prosperous, it blossoms and thrives and the entire region benefits. Enns is also in this respect enjoy a significant force. The reason for this are the many well-known, some traditional companies. The famous Schmucunternehmen Handorfer - Cascade design, was its product range in recent years with great success by jewellery for the footwear and textile industries. These applications can be found on international and Austrian brand shoes and costume collections. The creative department designed the trademark of Cittaslow for the coats of Ennser Prince pair. Handorfer is a longstanding member of the borders Gablonz known works that have been countless years, the crown for the debutantes at the Vienna Opera Ball. The whole of this jewellery manufacturers worldwide community is a bright fame. A major influence on the prosperity of our city, the Ennshafen, always economical important factor. He is not only a starting point for many cruise, but importanthub. He was in the last few years a revival given attractive. Numerous companies, appealing Local excellent and a restaurant are here. An interesting place for business and visitors. Last but not least thanks to its excellent economic situation is allowed Enns, its independent identity to develop and live. In many ways Enns today is a world view and allows its people every room for personal development, for full enjoyment and new discoveries.

Presence of Slow Food presidia

Slow Food Convivium Linz/Mühlviertel, Mag. Philipp Braun Wankmüllerhofstr. 74, 4020 Linz, t: 0676-82523756, f: 0732-7636-296, e mail: slowfood-linz@gmx.at www.slowfoodlinz.at


You can see on this link our latest project – a own way for children to go to school without their parents with their cars.

Listen the rap – its very funny. We have got the “Pegasus Award” given by the gouvernement of upper Austria for internationalisation of Enns by cittaslow activities http://www.tse-enns.at/tse.php?lang=de Each year we have in Enns the Cittaslow Award – he is given to the best idée for Cittaslow.

Last year was the winner an Archiologe how has designed the snale for the new sauna in the city http://root.riskommunal.net/riskommunal/navigation/default.asp?gnr=85&sp... =1&aspfile=http%3A//root.riskommunal.net/riskommunal/news_uebersicht.asp%3 Fitoplevelmenuid%3D0%26imenuid%3D214%26gnr%3D85%26sprache%3D1


Maximilian Homolka - Representative Cittaslow Enns