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Controguerra is a town situated in the province of Teramo, in the Val Vibrata. The territory is characterized by the presence of hills and “calanchi”. From the town (267 m asl) you can enjoy the view of the sea and the Appenini. The climate is temperate. The population is of about 2500 people. The Patron Saint is San Benedetto Abate. Controguerra is a “Città dell’Olio” and “Città del Vino” town.

Archaeological evidences confirm human presence since prehistoric age. During the roman age, there was a village. With the fall of the Roman Empire the town was occupied by Ostrogotis people. They occupied the area until the Byzantine recapture of the peninsula. During middle age Controguerra becomes feud of norman count Roberto from Aprutio. Under the Norman domination the watchtower (Torrione )was built. In 1297 Controguerra forms an alliance with the City of Ascoli. The struggle between Ascoli and the Acquaviva family to keep Controguerra lasted three centuries. With the advent of Borboni on Naples, in XVIII century, the inhabited area acquires a great importance thanks to its strategic position just before the borders. Completed the Italian Unity Controguerra is not interested by wars anymore

Major places and events
The most important churches of Controguerra are Saint Benedict’s, Mary of the Graces and “Cona”. Other important building are the Torrione, the Ducal palace and the ancient Town Hall. There are also small museums, historical villas and pinciaie. Most important event are “Festa del Vino”, “Sagra enogastronomica” and “Corsa podistica di San Martino”.

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Fabrizio Di Bonaventura, Assessore alla Cultura 


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