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The city of Braniewo covers the land of 12.4 km2. It is located in the north-eastern part of Poland, a short distance (6 km) from the European Union border with the Kaliningrad District of Russia. Geographically, it lies on the north-western edge of the Warmia Plain and the Staropruski Coast, just at the Pasleka River estuary to the eastern part of the Vistula Lagoon. Braniewo is a poviat town and belongs to the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. 

Braniewo is one of the oldest cities in Poland, it was founded around 1240 in the place of the former old Prussian town of Brusebergue . The city received city rights twice, first in 1254 and then in 1284. It was the first capital of Warmia and the seat of the Warmian bishops, as well as the only sea harbour and the best-developed center of trade and craft. 

In the Middle Ages, the city was an important cultural, economic and educational center with the Hosianum High School. 

During the Second World War it was the most destroyed city in Warmia, and also one of the most damaged Polish cities in 1945, as 80% of buildings were destroyed. 

However, the city still has many valuable architectural monuments, here are some of them:

The Sanctuary of Saint Cross - initially indulgent, but from 1923 it has been the monastery of  the Redemptorist Fathers. It was built between 1722-1747; baroque and orientated; founded on the Greek cross plan. 

The Graveyard Chapel dedicated to Saint Roch - built in 1711 in baroque and oriental style.

The Mariacki Granary - is a remnant of the complex of harbour facilities at the Pasleka River. It was built in 1831 without any permanent features. 

The Parish Church dedicated to Saint Antoni. It was an Evangelical church until 1945. It was built between 1830-1838; made according to the design of Karol Fryderyk Schinkel . From 1946, it has been a Catholic church. 

Saint Trinity Church - now a Byzantine-Ukrainian church. It was built in the early sixteenth century; Gothic, oriented, indoor and pentagonal form. 

The City Office (City Hall) - formerly the headquarter of the District Office. It is a very representative brick building built in 1878 in a typical style for public use buildings at that time, referring to Gothic forms. 

The Tower - a fragment of the episcopal castle from the thirteenth century (non-existing any more); originally connecting the castle with the Podzamcze (bailey). It was built in the 2nd half of the thitrteenth century; Gothic, on a square plan, three-storey building. 

The Former Jesuit Collegium - Hosianum High School - currently the Vocational School Complex. The building was built between 1743 – 1771. In 1923, the western span was added and the Defense Tower, called Klesza, was added; Late baroque, three-storey brick building. 

The Hospice for converts - built in 1719. It is the Found of Bishop Teodor Potocki; Baroque, one-storey, four-wings, open square courtyard. 

The Railway station - built in 1852 in connection with the opening of a railway line linking Braniewo with Malbork and Królewiec. 

The Monastery of Saint Catherina "Regina Coeli " - neo-gothic foundation. It was built between 1904 - 1906. 

The unquestionable attraction is the neighboring of the Vistula Lagoon (sea waters) which gives many opportunities for recreation, sports and tourism. The following routes run through the city : The Copernicus Walking Trail, the International Bicycle Route R1, the Bicycle Route of Eastern Poland -Green Velo and the Saint Jacob Trail. There are numerous recreation and walking areas revitalized in recent years thanks to EU funds, for instance an amphitheater with urban surroundings, parks and squares. In addition, you can take advantage of  sport and recreational pool within the Recreation and Rehabilitation Complex called The Healthy Braniewo. Moreover, you can use sailing marina built as part of a Partner Project of the Żuławy Region Loop (“Marshland Loop”).

From 2002 the patron of the city is Blessed Regina Protman (1552-1613), who was the resident of Braniewo, as well as the founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Catherine. 

Braniewo is the only point on the border with the Kaliningrad region, where significant railway and road junctions run. The city is well communicated with the A1 and S7, S22 roads, which provides fast access to Gdańsk . It has a good location for the logistics industry - 7 reloading ramps in the city  and 3 on its outskirts. 

The most famous product from Braniewo is beer produced by Żywiec Brewery (former Namysłów Brewery ), the beer`s name is "Braniewo". The beer is known throughout Poland. Brewery traditions in the city have been known for hundreds years, and the beer owes its taste to oligocene water, which is extracted from its own sources of the Brewery area. Beer has been produced on a large scale and for many years by several subsequent owners of the Brewery. 

As a result of post-war migration of the population and forced deportation of the Ukrainian population from the areas of south-eastern Poland, a national and ethnic melting pot was formed in the Braniewo poviat with a serious participation of Ukrainians, Lemkos and  Bojkos. 

Annual events: 

“The Eve of Four Cultures” is organized for the residents. Braniewo and the district of Braniewo became a national melting pot after the war, where people from different lands lived side by side, hence the four cultures: Polish, Ukrainian, but also German and Russian. It is important that there are no divisions between us. “Christmas Eve dishes treat” for the residents is prepared by the students from the Gastronomic Technical School in Braniewo. 

“The Ukrainian Border Colours” is an opportunity to learn more about Ukrainian culture, overcome barriers and prejudices. This event favours friendship and mutual understanding. Each such meeting shows the richness and variety of the Ukrainian culture, which for many, many years has been intertwined in our poviat with the Polish culture. 

“Braniewo Days”- the event for Braniewo residents with many cultural attractions, for example music concerts.


Contact details: Braniewo City Council, 111 Kościuszki Street, 14-500 Braniewo 

Tel: +48 55644 0102, fax +48 55   243 2928, , 

The Mayor of the city: Tomasz Sielicki,

Plenipotentiary Cittaslow: Ewa Werner, tel. +48 55 6440108