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Borger-Odoorn, 25 villages, each with its own identity
Borger-Odoorn is a large rural municipality with an average of one hectare for each of its inhabitants and as a result space. Space for enjoyment, for living and for working.

Whether walking, cycling or skating, riding on horseback or mountain bike, Borger-Odoorn is appealing in every season by its endless forests, outspread heathlands, down winding tracks and under wide-open skies. Recreation becomes a celebration, brought about by the wide range of surprising attractions, tourist arrangements and varied forms of accommodation.

The beauty and character of three glorious districts
The higher ground of the Hondsrug is a natural North-South division. Former peat districts stretch out on either side as far as the eye can see. To the East of the Hondsrug the Hunze Valley winds its way Northward. Dating back to depressions created during the Ice Age, this valley became the bed of the Hunze stream, with its Southernmost sources at Valthe and 2e Exloërmond. A wayward arm of the brook breaks through the Hondsrug between Borger and Ees in search of the main stream.

Man has lived along the banks of the Hunze and up on the Hondsrug since the Stone Age. Nowhere in the Stone Age Netherlands would you have found more people; consider it 'our prehistoric metropolis'! This history is brought to life in the 'Hunebedcentrum'(National Dolmen Information Centre) in Borger.

Moorland changed into agricultural land
In the Early Middle Ages agricultural communities, known as 'esdorpen', developed on the Hondsrug. The peace imparted by centuries of slow development can still be felt here. The villagers have always cut peat here for their own use. From 1850 onwards the hand of man changed the outstretched moorlands, with their soft depths of peat, into agricultural land. These pioneers were able to bring about a change in their surroundings on a scale not seen before.

Space for living and sustainable business
Wide ranges of housing in all price categories, backed up by excellent facilities, are to be found in Borger-Odoorn. Choosing to live in this municipality means a rich choice for a space to live. 

Borger-Odoorn is bursting with activity. From modern mechanised agriculture to quality digital technology in the Astron Lofar Project. The industrial estates present businesses with the combination of space to grow and free flowing routes to nearby towns and cities, as well as neighbouring Germany. 

Agricultural and technological businesses in the rural area of Borger-Odoorn focus on sustainability in their companies. For example by developing technological applications for generating and storage of solar energy. This innovative approach enables the agricultural and horticultural sector to capture solar energy. A development that eventually will lead to more sustainable companies in almost energy-independent areas. 

Discover Borger-Odoorn, with its history at heart, its hands and feet firmly in the present and its eyes on the future!

Cittaslow projects and activities in Borger-Odoorn

Borger-Odoorn supports projects and activities at primary schools and in the community, which express the criteria of Cittaslow. For example: 

  • School program in cooperation with IVN relating to separation of waste.
  • School program against waste of food on local market, by distributing information leaflets and inquiry forms.
  • introduction of the sustainability loan for solar energy and other sustainable applications in home and living environment.
  • participation in creating a green environment in neighbourhoods. 

Supporters of Cittaslow Borger-Odoorn

Companies, crafts and organisations whose business management meets the criteria of Cittaslow can unite the municipality as a supporter of Cittaslow. 


The Craft industry of Borger-Odoorn

The short film of Studio Exloo shows the promotion of craft industry in the municipality of Borger-Odoorn. [short film Studio Exloo] 

Dutch, subtitled in English: 

Health program for employees

Employees of the municipality of Borger-Odoorn are stimulated to focus on fysical and mental health by the health program Mentally Fit 4 Business and the introduction of service bikes. 

Representative of Cittaslow:
Jaap Gorseling, e-mail 

Mayor of Borger-Odoorn:
Jan Seton, e-mail: