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Barczewo – connects cultures. 

Barczewo - one of the most beautiful towns of Warmia, is the first town on the road from Olsztyn towards the Great Masurian Lakes. It has got city rights since 1364. Because of several bridges and overpasses it is called 'Little Venice of the North' or Warmińska Venice. Eminent Polish composer Felix Nowowiejski was born and lived in Barczewo. His works include, among others, opera 'Legend of the Baltic', 'Anthem of Warmia' and 'Rota', a song considered to be the second Polish national anthem.

In recent years, with great success the Old Town of Barczewo has been revitalized. Renovation has been recognized nationwide with an award. The eastern part of the old town took on a new light. It contains archaeological display sites – unique in the region – fragments of the old city walls, which were uncovered during excavations, and now are glazed and illuminated. In Barczewo you can see the remains of the castle from 1364, the city walls, the church of the Franciscans from the fourteenth century, with the tomb of Batory family brothers, St. Anna church from the fourteenth century, where since 2002, are held annual concerts of the International Choir Music Festival named after Feliks Nowowiejski, the only Synagogue in Warmia from the nineteenth century, where an art gallery is working, the Evangelical church from the early nineteenth century (closed now), an abandoned brewery building from the early twentieth century and the town hall from the nineteenth century.

The renovated market holds festivals, family events and cultural events, which, thanks to wonderful people of Barczewo, have a unique, relaxed, family character. The main annual events in the municipality include the International Choir Music Festival named after Feliks Nowowiejski, Barczewo pilgrimages called 'Łosiery' to St. Anthony , a fishing picnic 'Family fishing', Summer Concerts of Vocal and Chamber Music 'Warmia Gaudet et Cantat' in Ramsowo and the Days of Barczewo.

Cittaslow representatives:
Lech Jan Nitkowski – Mayor of Barczewo
Jakub Żywicki – Mayor's plenipotentiary for Cittaslow