In the cittaslow Enns the local community and mayor Stefan Karlinger instructed the tourism and citymarketing Enns GmbH and Max Homolka to establish a initiative of volunteers to help the risk group of Corona (COV-19). The risk Group of Corona (COV-19) should stay at home, so the group „ENNS bringt´s“ will take care of grocery shopping, get medication from the pharmacy, go for a walk with the dog, rent books and just phone against the lonliness. The cittaslow ENNS will stay together and will help each other.



Cittaslow Cooking Book - Download



China National Network
In China Cittaslow cities, the community encourages everyone to fight the virus together. Everyone participates and cooperates, so the situation can be under control very soon.

China Cittaslow Coordination Committee donated 10,000 disposable medical masks to Cittaslow HQ in Orvieto.

Cittaslow Lidzbark in Poland send help to us, so Yaxi Cittaslow donated 6,000 disposable medical masks to Lidzbark.

Download Photo 1 - Photo 2



Estación Esperanza es clara un a  oportunudad para un grupo de jóvenes.ayudar a un grupo de campesinos locales a vender sus productos con inicialmente 10 familias en Pjjao como tecnologías virtuales . Aplicación .más sano, económico menos dióxido de carbono .Alerta Alerta Radio benba - Photo 


Concrete experiences of solidarity which took place or are still in progress in Jurbise.

- Creation of a Facebook group "Jurbise - Solidaire" on which citizens are invited to share their solidarity initiatives and offer their services to their neighbours (shopping for an elderly person, write letters to isolated persons, make protective masks for frontline workers, provide tutoring to students, exchange raw materials, encourage and share positive thoughts, call people who feel lonely, share cooking recipes, fun activities for children or health-related pieces of advice, organise collective sports classes online, list shops that are still open...).

- Organisation of a daycare centre in all of the municipal schools and kindergartens for parents working in health and safety sectors (also during the spring holidays). Students in these establishments also receive a weekly letter containing various exercises and activities to keep them learning during confinement.

- Via social networks and via a municipal all-box letter, information about security instructions, emergency numbers and local stores ensuring home deliveries or drive-in systems.

- Food donations from many local restaurateurs to regional hospitals: a butcher delivered several hundred sandwiches, an Indian restaurant offered prepared meals, a caterer sold full meals for € 5/person every day...

- Acknowledgements to the medical profession are given every day at 8 pm by citizens who applaud on their doorstep. For this purpose we also have the bells of the city ring. 

- Organisation of free online sports classes by several professional coaches. Many psychologists from Jurbise also offered free phone calls for people with anxiety issues.

- Donation of alcohol by a local distillery to nearby chemist’s so they can make and sell hydroalcoholic gel.

- Display of positive and colorful messages of acknowledgements and encouragement on the windows of houses, often made by children. Some of these messages have even sometimes been placed on garbage bags for dustmen who continue their mission despite the risks.

- Publication via the municipal website of free activities to do at home from your computer: e-book reading, virtual visits to museums, seasonal cooking recipes, online sports lessons...

- Launch of the first "Jurbise Virtual Festival" offering citizens the opportunity to showcase their talents and share it with their fellows via social media.

- Organisation through the municipal "Taxi Seniors" of a shopping and free home delivery system for the elderly citizens of Jurbise.

- Distribution of protective masks to health professionals by municipal services.

- Distribution of a "comfort pack" to vulnerable citizens and health professionals domiciled in the city, in collaboration with SHAPE.

- between citizen and citizen
As always the Mayoral office supports the citizens working together, but at this time in a safe manner.

There is now a local radio station established by the local cinema club, to keep the citizens in touch with each other and is being broadcast via Spotify and Youtube.

We had a letter drop to every house in our community, stating the safety protocols and new laws concerning leaving the house. At this time all unnecessary travel is banned, so if you have to leave your house, you have to have a printed justification to show the police.

- between the Municipal Administration and the most needy in your community
We have established a register for vulnerable people, using our electoral register, local knowledge and asked our citizens to tell us of anyone that they believe could need our assistance.

This register enables us to keep communication open with the elderly and the vulnerable in our community, whether they are lonely and want to talk (for positive mental health needs), are in need of food (so we can facilitate shopping for them), or in need of medical assistance (where we can approach the relevant medical personnel for them).

The Mayor’s Office (working alongside the neighbouring town of Lombez) has provided facilities and equipment for our local medical staff.

The multi-purpose sports hall located in Lombez has been adapted to receive covid-19 patients. For this project, we have bought a washing machine, tumble-dryer, computer and printer. We have also made available one of the Mayoral Office’s cars for the nurses.

Showers and a locker room have been made available to the nurses. We have also secured a storage room for all medical materials.

There have been the following financial contributions made of 11 200 € by the Community Commune de Saves (our local federation of municipalities) and 350 € per village in the surrounding community.

These funds are being used for the purchase of single use medical devices and assisting the population. Maintaining the opening of our weekly open-air market, so access to fresh, affordable, local produce is available to the citizens.

This is now highly regulated, by Mayoral staff and volunteers, ensuring that citizens do not stand too close and limiting how many people are waiting at each market stall at any one time.

The only stallholders permitted to sell at this time are local (to limit the amount of travel in the larger community and limit the spread of the Covid-19) and no live animals are being sold (as they are sold in an enclosed hall, which is too difficult to monitor at this time).

- between Cittaslow and Cittaslow
Nothing has been instigated at this time.
We are, however, ready to develop and engage in such a collaboration, to enable the sharing of experiences and ideas regarding actions of solidarity.

- between different Cittaslow national networks
Again, nothing has been instigated at this time.
We are, again, ready to develop and engage in such a collaboration, to enable the sharing of experiences and ideas regarding actions of solidarity.



Deidesheim and German Cittaslow Network
Measures against the corona pandemic

Between citizen and citizen
- Delivery and pick-up services at restaurants and shops, neighbourhood help (assistance with shopping etc.)

Between the Municipal Administration and the most needy in your community 
- Regular information for the population via newspapers, official journals and social media 
- Establishment and implementation of a chain of assistance for older people Risk groups (shopping, procuring and delivering medicines, etc. ) 
- Keep in touch with businesses and economic service providers (new information about assistance and funding opportunities, etc. ) by e-mail and telephone 
- Procurement of respiratory masks for medical facilities, old people's homes and the general public 
- Calls to the population by letter and press 
- Preparation of test stations and emergency hospitals via the city and the Bürgerhospital Foundation (provision of rooms and beds, etc. ) 
- Regular telephone conversations with older citizens 
- Regular exchange with the health department, medical facilities, schools and kindergartens 
- Regular exchange with political bodies (city council, etc. ) 
- Urgent decisions on current municipal political issues, voting on event cancellations, etc. 
- Consultations with tourism managers on current and future problems 

Between Cittaslow and Cittaslow 
- Maintain contact with the international office and with the members by e-mail with regular information about, among other things, offers of help and assistance, such as B. in the procurement of respiratory masks etc. 

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In Bischofsheim a lot of young people offer services for the older (shopping etc.). The town of Bischofsheim has put these services together on a file and released it on the internet, Facebook and other platforms so that people can get the information. There’s a lot of solidarity here. Our mayor regularly informs the citizens about important issues. We’re also in contact with the German Cittaslow network.

Call for mask donations from the city of Lüdinghausen and the surrounding towns and communities together with the local hospital, the St. Marien Hospital. The call is a sign of well-functioning cooperation across city and authority boundaries. The call was already a complete success, both citizens and companies from the region donated masks.
Download press release for mask donations from the city of Lüdinghausen

Neighborhood aid that was founded due to the corona crisis (https: //www.lüdinghausen-hilft.de/). Private individuals and also local politicians from different parties are represented here. As a city administration, we are proud that our citizens show such great solidarity with one another in this difficult time.




Citizenship services and initiatives

Grocery shopping and medication for the elderly: free service for those over 70, disabled or disabled people who live alone and have no family support. Inquiries on tel. 366.9393836, active on Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning from 8.30 to 12.30, or on Thursday afternoon from 13 to 18

I call you at home - Telephone support to those who are alone: ​​a network of volunteers coordinated by the Town Hall will contact people who have been notified or who request the service, updating them on the latest developments and news, trying to clarify doubts, making sure of any needs. Inquiries on tel. 366.9393836. Caritas of Bra has also activated a similar service, all the details here.

Tributes: the deadlines of Tari, Tosap and advertising postpone in September

Home deliveries: Tut a Ca is the home delivery application prepared by the Ascom of Bra. Info and registration: https://tutaca.it/

Support the Red Cross of Bra: the appeal of the local section, partner of the Municipality in the delivery of medicines at home

Streaming tales: even if the structure in via Guala is closed, children will not have to give up the pleasure of reading safely thanks to the tales read aloud on the Municipality's Youtube channel.

#IOSTUDIOACASA: online school support, by the Youth Information Office

#COndiVIDiamo: recounting life in the time of the Coronavirus with photos, drawings, thoughts and poems

# Sabatoda4oena: the challenge of the Bra youth policy office through which to stay connected, albeit physically distant

#Dacasaincasetta: Remote Open School, organized by the Madonna Fiori district association

Daily updates: as well as on the Municipality website, on the Municipium App and on the official pages of the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, looking for "Comune Bra"), the Mayor will provide updates on the guest situation every day from 5 to 6 pm of the web radio "BraOnTheRocks".

Sanitation of city environments

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Città Sant'Angelo
Activities made available to citizens:

  • Home delivery of medicines
  • Home shopping delivery
  • Food bank managed by civil protection

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Gravina in Puglia
Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3 - Photo 4


Collaborating with APCV Marradi (Voluntary Civil Protection Association) and other volunteers in the area or "Your shopping .. HOME". It is a booking service where you can ask for shopping from our supermarkets which will be delivered by volunteers the day after booking. In a small village like ours, everyone has their own greengrocer, everyone has their own trusted baker. Precisely for this reason we asked our merchants for the possibility of home delivery for those who request it.

Other beautiful initiatives have been carried out by the Municipal Library, which delights us with its online readings and the Campanian Study Center over the weekend, our dear Mirna Gentilini does not stop and introduces all the beautiful verses of our poet Dino Campana, declaiming them in video call.

It is not an activity, but it is a true gesture of solidarity. In an emergency like this there are products that are a must and are fundamental for safety, but which unfortunately are difficult to find like simple hand sanitizing gel. Dr. Giorgini Martino paid the sanitized gel for the municipal offices, municipal police, civil protection, mercy and other collaborating volunteers.

Another nice initiative was proposed on facebook in the group "Sei di Marradi se". Every self-respecting Marradese has the book Ricetta a memoria by Rosanna Billi. A cooking contest has been opened where a recipe from the book is chosen, the photo of the result obtained is placed and at the end of the quarantine the "best cook / the best cook in quarantine" will be elected.

Beautiful news arrives from APCV Marradi. Many people have registered with the association in order to help out, for example by delivering a newspaper written by our priest Don to all the houses "Il Marradese". Pino and that before the emergency was delivered every week. A small gesture, however, that smells of everyday life which is now more important than ever. We get the news of many citizens and some hunting associations who have made donations by bank transfer.
But the most beautiful activity of this association is "Stìvaca masks". By asking on facebook who knew how to sew and the willingness to create masks, they created a network. Civil protection volunteers collect the material, take it to the home of 12 seamstresses and a tailor who pack it. At that point the volunteers pick them up and take them to the shops where families can pick them up. All free of course.

Massa Marittima
The "home shopping" project has been approved by signing special agreements with the voluntary associations present in the area and making available a telephone number to which the citizen can request the home shopping service, which will have no additional cost for the citizen. The Municipality will reimburse the association for the service provided.

The town of Massa Marittima, where there is a high percentage of the elderly population has responded positively to this availability.

This Administration has been able to note in this particular and sad circumstance, that the availability for help towards the fellow citizens has been welcomed for the most part by very young volunteers, who are working to purchase food and the consequent delivery to home.

In Morimondo there is an RSA that hosts 60 elderly people in the area. Being one of the most fragile categories, the RSA health staff, to protect guests from contagion, decided to isolate themselves together with the guests: they do not return home and stop for all 24 hours inside the structure, thus avoiding any possibility of transmission of the virus. The initiative has lasted for days and to date none of the guests has tested positive.

Read the full story

Monte Castello di Vibio

As Municipal Administration, we immediately made every effort to use every type of tool to make our closeness to the citizens first and foremost, putting in place a communication
simple, clear but direct.
The tools used were the institutional website, constantly updated, the Facebook page and a WhatsApp group that existed before the emergency, called News from the Municipality which has about 200 members. To reach even citizens who have no way of accessing these platforms, such as older people, we are making use of the figure of our Urban Vigilant who, in addition to carrying out his task, is available to give support, provide information and distribute the our press releases and as a board group also through direct phone calls.
In these days we are working to create an online platform where you can connect with citizens, to share thoughts, experiences and emotions in this moment of forced isolation. The tool can be used through different devices (tablet, pc, smartphone ..).

As a municipality belonging to Social Zone 4., it was decided to activate a telephone information desk for listening and psychological support aimed at the entire population. The service is managed by expert professionals and is available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 14:30.
In this scenario a great help is also given to us by the very active and collaborative Civil Protection Group.

Right from the start our merchants made themselves available with the delivery of groceries at home both to avoid or contain the flows of users and to protect themselves and citizens.

The local associations have also shown great sensitivity to the issue by making free donations addressed in particular to our nearby Pantalla hospital temporarily converted into "Covid-19 Center".

Currently in our Municipality we do not register cases of people positive to covid-19 and for this we feel to thank the citizens who responded responsibly to our appeals, showing seriousness in compliance with the rules and thus ensuring this balance. Their attitude certainly favors the work of us administrators and therefore every day we show them our gratitude and at the same time we recommend that they continue on this path.

Anghiari - Abbiategrasso - Bra - Cisternino - Città Sant'Angelo - Greve in Chianti - Marradi - Monte Castello di Vibio - Orvieto - Orsara di Puglia - Parrano - Pianella - San Miniato - Stio - Suvereto - Trevi - Turbigo - Usseglio
Collective purchase of face masks for citizens

The Municipality of Tirano opens the solidarity current account to support those in difficulty - LINK

San Miniato
Concrete solidarity actions carried out in the Municipality of San Miniato at the time of the Coronavirus - Download


(Initiative on the Citizen Level) - Old Japanese-Style Guest House Provides a Space for Children

We temporarily closed elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools as one of the measures to stop the spread of COVID-19. Seeing as there is a lack of public spaces where children can go, an old Japanese-Style house by the name of IRORI on Mt. Akagi’s mountainside has opened its doors to young students. In an effort to create spaces for children, neighborhood citizens are volunteering to teach English conversations classes as well as hold crafting classes.

(Administrative Support Measures for the Less Fortunate) - Temporary Emergency Funds for those whose businesses have closed as well as the unemployed 

The Maebashi Livelihood Independence Consultation Center provides a small sum of money (maximum of 200,000 JPY) to households that are struggling due to a decreased income, or unemployment, as well as to those who are having difficulties with daily life because of the influence of COVID-19.



In Alphen-Chaam we have a website www.onsalphenchaam.nl. This website is a hub in the community. People can post problems, questions and needs and other people can respond to that. There are already some wonderful initiatives formed in these crazy times.

- Postcards to lonely people and the elderly.
- A ‘bear hunt’ for children. Teddy bears and other stuffed animals are hidden throughout the area and children can ‘hunt’ them.
- Allfun neighbourhood battle book, a book with all kinds of tips and fun things to do.
- Help each other function, people offer their assistance to the needy.
- Restaurant Kloostertuin cooperates with the local supermarket to make readymade meals that can be bought in the supermarket.
- The fanfare music group played music in front of the care home in Chaam.


Borger Odoorn
Download Solidarity initiatives

In Heerde there are a lot of people who want to help each other. Citizens of Heerde created a platform, named Coronahelp Heerde, to share initiatives, to offer help or to ask for help. It started on Facebook, but they also have a website, phone number and email now. In two weeks more than 1600 citizens signed up for this platform. Every day, we see that people post an initiative or offer help, like doing groceries for each other. 

Besides that, there are also organisations who take action for others. For example organisations who donate things, like puzzle books for the elderly people. Or a citizen who buys flowers from the local flower growers and donate them to care homes, health care workers and more. We also see that a lot of children and people make drawings, cards and more for people who can use some support. In a nutshell this is the kind of solidarity we see in Heerde.  

All elderly people in the residential complex Singelhof in Maasland have a bunch of red roses delivered, because they live in quarantine.

Economic support of entrepreneurs.

National economic support:
Our municipality support the National government. An example of this is the Temporary Measure Bridging for Work Retention. Under this scheme entrepreneurs will be compensated for the ongoing wage costs, even in the event of a temporary reduction in working hours. In addition, the Self-employed Persons Assistance Decree and the SME Credit Guarantee Scheme may offer entrepreneurs support. The Dutch Banking Association has indicated that it can quickly provide entrepreneurs with (temporary) support to keep companies afloat.

Local economic support:
1. Deferral
In order to mitigate the consequences of the corona virus for entrepreneurs and self-employed workers, payment deferments are possible during the crisis. At the request of entrepreneurs, we suspend the collection of property tax, sewerage charges, ground lease and (where applicable) rental of municipal properties.
2. Financial schemes for the self-employed

The self-employed person (solo entrepreneurs without staff) are eligible for (small) special financial arrangements. The can get money for livelihood during the crisis.

Download Cittaslow Vaals during Covid-19
Download Photo

After the first Covid-19 incident occurred in Northern Cyprus on March 10 2020, all Cittaslow Municipalities have created their cris management desks to creat their strategy. Since March 13 2020, after the central government declared a partial curfew, they improved their areas of application and developed their socio-economic activities and developed them as follows; 

- used social media chanels and published necesary documents to informed their citizens during this period. (https://www.facebook.com/ybbelediyesi

- regularly bioligically spraying continued and all streets, public areas, ATMs, markets, and playgrounds were disinfected regularly by using disinfectant materials. 

- Domestic wastes regularly collected from municipality cleaning teams, 

- The market and pharmacy needs of all needy families are met by municipal staff. 

- used social media chanels and published necesary documents to informed their citizens during this period. (https://www.facebook.com/lefkebelediyesi

- regularly bioligically spraying continued and all streets, public areas, ATMs, markets, and playgrounds were disinfected regularly by using disinfectant materials. 

- Domestic wastes regularly collected from municipality cleaning teams, 

- The market and pharmacy needs of all needy families are met by municipal staff. 

- Established its kicthen to cook daily meals for foreign students and people who can not cook him/herself. 

- Provide food aid and other market needs (like cleaning materials and baby needs) to dargy and needy families.( https://www.facebook.com/lefkebelediyesi/videos/205443697415388

- Food stations were establised by Lefke for stray animals 

- used social media chanels and published necesary documents to informed their citizens during this period.    (https://www.facebook.com/cittaslowmehmetcik

- regularly bioligically spraying continued and all streets, public areas, ATMs, markets, and playgrounds were disinfected regularly by using disinfectant materials. 

- Domestic wastes regularly collected from municipality cleaning teams, 

- Cittaslow Mehmetçik established his kichen for cooking daily meals to satisfy for its people who is elderly. (every day they try to access more than 200 people.) 

- Health services department makes all necesarry measurements daily for people who is over 60 years old. 

- Meets the market and pharmacy needs of whose living in the village of Balalan, which is decleraded under quarantine village by central government. 

- used social media chanels and published necesary documents to informed their citizens during this period. (https://www.facebook.com/gecitkale.belediyesi.3

- regularly bioligically spraying continued and all streets, public areas, ATMs, markets, and playgrounds were disinfected regularly by using disinfectant materials. 

- Domestic wastes regularly collected from municipality cleaning teams, 

- The market and pharmacy needs of all needy families are met by municipal staff. 

- used social media chanels and published necesary documents to informed their citizens during this period.(https://www.facebook.com/tatlisubelediyesii

- regularly bioligically spraying continued and all streets, public areas, ATMs, markets, and playgrounds were disinfected regularly by using disinfectant materials. 

- Domestic wastes regularly collected from municipality cleaning teams, 

- The market and pharmacy needs of all needy families are met by municipal staff. 

- Health services department makes all necesarry measurements daily for people who is over 65 years old. 



In Barczewo, we are organizing an action called "Safe Senior", which is addressed to older (60+) citizens from Barczewo municipality. 

Volunteers are helping seniors with shopping. Here is a short information from our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gminabarczewo/posts/2859360767440479

- they sew face masks for citizens
- they help almost 30 lonely and elderly people with shopping food and medicine

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Józef-Blank-Burmistrz-Nowego-Miasta-Lubawskiego-309440953028204/?eid=ARBbW2XLEYQRci3IMfN3QV6pKqW1AGVSd-ZxRJ7W2XAuFsjlT_GPnB-C2sQnxqESQafiXaqLQfHuE2pd

Murowana Goślina
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Download Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3 - Photo 4 - Photo 5

- property tax exemption
- a social cooperative provides meals to people in special needs
- social workers help provide shopping and meals to person in
- social workers are on duty all week (7 days, 7.30-19.00) to help
people in all problems connected with the epidemic
- the municipality provided a flat for people in quarantine

The commune of the City of Sierpc joined the Cittaslow Association wanting to realize the long-term goals of the city's development by undertaking a number of actions, or if Sierpc became a city friendly to the inhabitants.
- the current situation, when we all have to deal with the Covid-19 "Koronavirus" virus, we have been forced to completely change our lifestyle.
- for the sake of health and life of our residents, we have introduced a number of guidelines and actions aimed at helping in such difficult times for all.
The main activities undertaken in the city of Sierpc include, among others:
1) posting on Facebook and the website of the Municipal Office of Sierpc current information related to the spread of the coronovirus epidemic, appeals to comply with applicable guidelines and restrictions.
2) Live broadcast by the Mayor Jarosław Perzyński, which presents current information related to new guidelines, current information, prohibitions, ongoing activities,
3) posting information on changes in working hours of the Municipal Office in Sierpc and on how to deal with official matters.
4) Preparation of a mailbox located at the entrance to the Office, in which residents can leave correspondence regarding matters important to them.
5) Launching a hotline, which every resident can use if he wants to do shopping, buy medicines.
6) Enabling the inhabitants of the city of Sierpc to use the services of Teleporad in Sierpc outpatient clinics.
7) Appeals to residents to stay at home.
8) Closing of playgrounds and places of physical activity.
9) Providing information on the activities of the Mayor of Sierpc and Councilors of the Sierpc City Council related to the prevention of the spread of the epidemic.
10) Support of Sierpc uniformed services with disinfectant.
11) Purchase of personal materials for people who are at the forefront of the fight against the virus - hospital, fire brigade, ambulance
12) purchase of masks for Sierpc seniors.
13) Actions to prevent the spread of coronovirus, including programming the traffic light so that it lights up automatically, without having to press the buttons, suspension of the Paid Parking Zone,
14) rendering services by companies from Sierpc related to the supply of food and industrial goods to the homes of residents,
15) encouraging creative spending of free time at home by posting on the social networking sites examples of crosswords, games and plays, boards for playing ships, inserting links for exercises, sharing postcards with views of the city of Sierpc,



Tavira has recorded 24 cases of COVID all confined to a community of agricultural workers of Indian and Nepalese nationalities who are working on fruit harvesting. 

Only now was it possible to reply to your e-mail, I´m sorry.

As for the social actions we took for the benefit of the community we sent a poster with the support provided and informed that a support area was created for the population where the municipality created all the conditions to be housed infected people and that need to be isolated. In addition to having medical care, the municipality also provides food and hygiene and essential goods. There was also volunteering by individuals, particularly in the confection of meals for health professionals and for individuals who are infected or in isolation.

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Korean National Cittaslow Network
The campaign that we are conducting in Corea to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Our government declares keeping social distancing for 15 days from 22 March – 5 April. This significant movement is actively encouraged by the government and citizens are take part in and practicing it. All of our cittaslow member towns overcome disaster with this campaing together. Also, we hope to discover the wisdom of cittaslow to find out the deep root cause of the global pandemic.  (Please open attachement : Campaign Poster)

Link to share the quarantine system in South Korea: http://ncov.mohw.go.kr/en/baroView.do?brdId=11&brdGubun=111&dataGubun=&n...

Download poster



Download document

Covid-19 Solidarity

1- In the city center, all the streets, sport centers and schools have been made a disinfection by Seferihisar Municipality
2 - All necessary documents and videos have been published in the city center and Social media by Municipality.
3 - After Covid outbreak, more than 65 years old citizen who have chronically ill have been curfewed by government. All citizen’s who are older than 65 years old have been fulfilled their grocery shopping needs and medical needs by Seferihisar Municipality.
4 - After Covid-19 outbreak, many disenfectant were placed to all local markets in Seferihisar. Citizens who come to markets are informed about Covid-19 by Seferihisar Municipality 
5 - All citizens who must put on a mask in local markets, stores and covered area have been officially controlled by Municipality in Seferihisar.
6 - All citizens are informed about Covid-19 in social media by Seferihisar mayor Ismail Yetiskin 
7 - In all case of an emergency, all citizen be able to reach to Municipality from official contact informations.
8 - Everyday, all bakery and pharmacy are shared in official social media by Seferihisar Municipality.
9 - Food package donation has been started in Seferihisar, a citizen be able to donate a food package to households that are struggling due to a decreased income, or unemployment
10 - After Covid-19 outbreak, crisis management desk has been created.



Concrete solidarity actions at the time of coronavirus Download the document