With the Cittaslow of Morimondo, not far from Milan and Abbiategrasso, we begin to illustrate the many cases of spontaneous solidarity that occurred naturally among the citizens of the Cittaslow communities in the world.

To these are also added the countless projects carried out by the Mayors, by the local government administrations, by the welfare structures in the area, by voluntary associations and by many public and private subjects who have given and are giving a lot to alleviate the suffering of others, reduce the dangers due to the pandemic, give health, psychological and economic comfort to the many who need it (P.G.O.).


A beautiful story that comes to us from Morimondo, a small and beautiful Cittaslow between the Ticino river and the metropolis of Milan. "In Morimondo - the Mayor, Marco Marelli, Deputy Coordinator of Cittaslow Italy informs us - there is an RSA - Health care residence for non self-sufficient people, the "Riccardo Pampuri", which houses 60 elderly people in the area.

Being one of the most fragile categories and at risk Covid-19, the RSA health staff to protect guests from the infection since March 19 has decided to isolate themselves together with the guests themselves. So they do not return home and stop for all 24 hours inside the structure, thus avoiding any possibility of transmission of the virus.

Thanks to their honorable initiative until today  none of the guests has tested positive. "The proposal came from some of us who were asked about the most appropriate behavior to take in such difficult times, where everything is put to the test - tells the phone nurse Sabina Saccani - here for now everyone is fine, the visits from the outside had already been suspended five weeks ago, but in the countries of the area coronavirus cases are increasing, especially in the elderly population, and we wanted to avoid that we too came to find ourselves in situations similar to those of other nursing homes, with the spread too virus and hospitals who are no longer able to welcome all the sick".

The staff of the l'Airone cooperative that takes care of the structure is made up of seven social-assistance auxiliaries, three nurses, two cleaners and an animator (on the picture). They have placed mattresses to sleep at night in the gym, food for them and for the elderly is provided by the canteen which is located in a separate room and is left on the trolleys in a filter area outside the front door to avoid possible contagions .

«We are a united and determined team, our families have understood and shared the sense of such a radical decision, which is within the logic of those who have chosen to do jobs like these and involve sacrifices aimed at ensuring the well-being of the guests. They are very grateful to always see us around them. During the first night, no bell rang, it was the sign that they felt protected. Someone cried for gratitude and these days there is an unusually calm climate. Perhaps they perceive that they are embraced by our availability ». How long will this form of self-reclusion last? «Impossible to foresee it, obviously we all hope as little as possible - Saccani replies -. We try to support each other, we look each other in the morning, we talk about things to do and we start again. We are confident, and we are pleased to see that there are also those who help us from outside: last night a restaurant in Morimondo brought us pizzas ".

(information from the Municipality of Morimondo and from the article by G.Paolucci on “L’Avvenire" of 24.03.2020)