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Nidzica municipality, also known as the "Gateway to Warmia and Masuria", is located in the southern part of Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. The municipality has a population of more than 21 thousand, out of which 14 thousand are citizens of Nidzica – the seat of municipality and county authorities.

The municipality covers an area of 379 square kilometers with 58 places grouped in 34 parishes.

There is a river called Nida flowing through Nidzica, from which the historical name of the town comes from.

The history of Nidzica begins in the XIVth century, when the newly built castle became the seat of Teutonic Knights. It is one of the largest Teutonic castles in Masuria district with residence and defensive nature.

Currently in the castle there is located Nidzica Cultural Centre as well as the Museum of Nidzica Land, restaurant, hotel, a sculpture studio, a painting gallery and the Municipal Library.

The castle is not the only one which has survived since a long time past. There are also some parts of the defensive walls left with partially preserved towers, the monastery and churches in the area of municipality. Nidzica town hall was destroyed and rebuilt several times and it received its current look in 1842.

Nidzica had repeatedly suffered from wars, fires and epidemics in its history. It was completely destroyed during the First World War, then reconstructed and destroyed again after the termination of Soviet Army warfare in 1945. To this day, it has not regained its former glory.

Historical, natural and cultural values make Nidzica an attractive area for the lovers of tourism and leisure. There have been created interesting scenic routes, hiking and cycling routes and waterways. The municipality was awarded few times with such titles as Fair Play Municipality, Child Friendly Municipality, it was a winner of the competition called Land for a medal and it took the first place in the competition for the Best Illuminated Municipality and City of 2010 in category: municipalities and cities up to 70 thousands citizens.

Based on the study of social and economic development of municipalities and regions, carried on by Warsaw University of Technology and Systems Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences, Nidzica was located on the 5th place among 30 urban and rural municipalities in Warmian-Masurian voivodeship and on the 138th place among 602 other such municipalities in Poland.

The location of the community:
to the centre of Warsaw - 160 km,
to Gdansk –180 km,
to Olsztyn 50 km,
to Kaliningrad - 187 km.
Railway Warszawa – Olsztyn
The nearest air port – Szczytno Szymany - about 60 km.
Seaport in Elbląg – 134 km
Border crossing in Bezledy – 144 km

Indications of one or more requirements and/or Projects already implemented among the most significative ones which express of being Cittaslow.

Preservation of water quality – Water Supply and Sanitation Sp z o.o. institution is responsible for the preservation of water quality and its distribution in Nidzica. The town of Nidzica uses currently two water intakes: the one on Wyborska Street and another one on Kolejowa Street (both with 2 deep wells).

Nidzica has two water treatment plants. The main one is Water Treatment Plant located on Wyborska Street which has been modernized this year. Water taken from both of the plants is sufficient to meet the needs of the town. All tests of the quality and condition of water are carried on by Sanitary and Epidemiological Institution in Nidzica, in Olsztyn and each day by Water Supply and Sanity institution.

Protection of labeled crafts production (certificates, museum of culture, etc.) – There is a Pottery Village located in the municipality. This is a social enterprise in form of a company with limited liability with the non for profit status. It was established in October 2007 by the Nidzica Development Foundation "NIDA". Pottery Village is active on various production and service levels based on ancient craft's trade, traditional technologies, and regional customs. Pottery Village offers: ceramic products, sewing regional costumes, regional souvenirs, articles from handmade paper. It is also running craft's workshops and ceramic shows, floristry, painting on glass, stained glass and production of handmade paper workshops.

Key events in the town

Name of event: Positive Music Festival
Date: June
Place of event: Castle courtyard

Name of event: Castle Rock Marathon - ZMROCK
Date: June
Place of event: Castle courtyard

Name of event: International Festival of Fantasy
Date: June
Place of event: Castle

Name of event: Nidzica Days
Date: July
Place of event: the town

Name of event: Nidzica Days –Local Festival of Poultry Dishes
Date: July
Place of event: The Market Square

Name of event: Nidzica Crafts Fair
Date: August
Place of event: The Market Square

Name of event: Invasion of fire and music
Date: August
Place of event: Castle

Name of event: Municipal Harvest Festival
Date: 6th September
Place of event: Park by the lake

Name of event: Cyclic Music Concerts
Date: all year round
Place of event: Castle

Typical products
Mead- produced by Miody Pitne Almes sp. z.o.o

White Dog – the only polish whisky bottled in micro distillery Kozuba and sons in Jabłonka, near Nidzica

Cittaslow Representatives:
Dariusz Szypulski- the Mayor of Nidzica
Paweł Koziński- Mayor's proxy for the Cittaslow