Grumes - Comune di Altavalle

Member of the Italian National Network

Grumes, a village of 450 souls, emerges from a landscape dotted with small villages perched on the terraces of dry stone walls of the steep slopes of the Valley of Cembra, excavated from Avisio, the river of the Dolomites.
Woods, streams, spectacular terraced vineyards, wild angles form a wide variety of environments, offering endless possibilities for sport, fun and relaxation in the open air, as well as a rich network of trails for hikers.
Grumes is in the center of the the "Rete delle Riserve Alta Valle di Cembra – Avisio" (network of reserves of the Upper Valley of Cembra-Avisio), with the communities of Faver, Valda, Grauno and Capriana, established with the aim of preserving and improving the environment of the wild river Avisio, and the series of biotopes of glacial origin that dot the top of the mountain between the Cembra Valley and the Adige Valley. The network of reserves is part of the Trentino's Natural Parks and is an instrument of promotion, education, enjoyment and environmental awareness.

Grumes is a region characterized by a pristine natural environment and by cultural and man-made elements that are still strong and rooted. It enjoys a central location, between the urban area of ​​Trento and the scenic attractions and tourist facilities of the Fiemme Valley and a privileged location on the sunny side of the valley, where you can experience, explore and enjoy the area in every season of the year.
The people, the history, the strong identity and sense of belonging together with the creative and proactive capacity express with great enthusiasm the desire to "move on." From these assumptions Grumes built in stages, in the consciousness of his own limitations - but also of its resources and values - ​​a sustainable development project focused on local resources, on its agricultural, cultural and historical heritage, on renewable energy, culture, participation and community involvement. It has identified in an alternative tourism, rooted in the expression of the places and in the different interpretations of the area, the opportunity to seal economic and social community.
Grumes now offers a land rich in ideas to discover history, human activities and nature in its most interesting expressions. Ideas that now, thanks to the efforts of the community, are becoming real landmarks.
Grumes' features are happiness, the desire to sing, to celebrate and welcome.

The Path of the Old Crafts
The Rio dei Molini, between Grumes and Grauno, has a concentration of at least 20 water machines - water mills, sawmills and forges - with three factories restored. The Path of the Old Crafts connects these buildings, giving the visitor unforgettable experiences of a unique historic environment and landscape.

Tour of Masi di Grumes
Easy walk to the rediscovery of the ancient "Masi" (Farms) of Grumes, a corner of the mountain which has kept the atmosphere of its origins dating back to the Middle Ages, when German farmers came from Bavaria to cultivate and inhabit these lands. Along the route you will find the inn "El Casel dei Masi", old cheese factory of all Grumes Masi, now a restaurant and guest house, where a stop is a must to try the tasty local dishes and traditional sweets.

The naturalistic botanical Trail on the Dossone of Cembra - Section "Le Bornie - Grumes"
The naturalistic botanical Trail on the Dossone of Cembra, enriched by a series of illustrative tables, is an open book on the crossed natural environment and offers the chance to see significant natural and man-made examples with panoramic views of great value and beauty. The village of Grumes is crossed - in the tract "Le Bornie – Grauno" for a total length of slightly less than 7 km.

The European Path E5
The European Path E5, opened in 1972 by the European Federation Hikers, begins on the Atlantic coast in Brittany (France) and comes down to Venice through Switzerland, Germany and Austria, for a total of 3200 km.
The first place of rest on the Trentino territory is the Potzmauer Refuge (1283 meters above sea level), a mountain lodge which offers a genuine and family welcome as well as tasty local cuisine and numerous opportunities for summer and winter excursions on foot, by mountain biking, horseback riding and snowshoeing. In this tract the European Path E5 comes close to the biotopes "Laghetto of Vedes" and "Paluda la Lot": two bogs originated from the filling of ancient lake basins carved into the porphyritic rock by Quaternary glaciers.
From Rifugio Potzmauer you have the chance to go down to the Masi of Grumes and quickly reach the village of Grumes.

The L'Ost - hostel Grumes: get lost to... find yourself!
The Ost, brand new hotel of 42 beds for young people, families and groups, is the last, in order of time, of the initiatives promoted for the tourist development of Grumes.
The name "L' Ost" recalls both the type of accommodation (the host-el, in fact) and the name given to two porphyry slabs of different sizes - one large "lost" and one small "lost" - located above the country and place of open air games for generations of children until the last century. And "lost" in English means just lost! The "L'Ost", in fact, wants to offer its guests an opportunity to get lost, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, discovering the genuine dignity of village life and the right pace of life, respecting the environment and the value of small things.
A place to get lost ... to find yourself.
The "L'Ost" promotes youth tourism, sharing and exchange between cultures and the spread of sustainable lifestyles in harmony with the environment. L'Ost is a hotel for young people and for those who feel young and free. It is the ideal choice for families, groups, associations and parishes, as well as for individual travelers and couples of all ages who will appreciate the comfortable rooms and the wonderful view of the woods, the gorge of the river Avisio and the peaks of Lagorai.


Paolazzi Matteo - Mayor Altavalle

STG  Sviluppo Turistico Grumes
Piazza Municipio, 6 - Grumes
38092 Altavalle (TN)
Tel.:  +39 346 2799154

L'OST - Ostello di Grumes
Via Fontana, 20 - Grumes
38092 Altavalle (TN)
Tel.:  +39 340 2539499