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Działdowo is the capital of the Działdowo County, a city of more than 670 years on the Grunwald trail. The city is located on the south-west part of Warmia and Mazury voivodship, in floodplain of rivers: Nida-Działdówka-Wkra, at distance 130 km from Warsaw, 80 km from Olsztyn, 190 km from Gdańsk and 120 km from Toruń. In 2013 city had more than 21 000 residents. The area of Działdowo is 11 km2.

Działdowo greatest wealth is its centuries of history and the related monuments – witnesses of past times. The area of today's Działdowo from the X to the XV century was inhabited by Sasin – one of the Prussian tribes. In years 1303-1306 authorities took over the knights of the Teutonic Order. Location of town called “Soldow” made The Grand Master od Teutonic Order – Ludold Konig in 14th September 1344. Since 1525 Działdowo was within the limits of Prussia. 

Since 18th January 1871, Działdowo was within the limits of the German Reich. After First World War, after the decision of the Paris conference, in accordance with the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles Działdowo was attached to the Second Republic of Poland. In the period between war, the city was important center of polish action on Mazury, a place known for activities  of J. Biedrawy and E. Sukertowej-Biedrawiny. The important social function was served by organizations and institutions: Mazury House Folk, Mazury Museum, Relationship Mazurkas II, Mazury Polish Evangelical Society. Since the beginning of World War II, here was situated the Nazi Captive Camp, then: the Selbstschutz Camp, a transit camp, an educational labor camp and the penal camp. Upon entering the city 29 armored corps troops of the Soviet army camp on the night of 18 on January 19, 1945, Działdowo became a part of the Poland again.

Działdowo’s market is one of the biggest on Mazury. It consists of stylish townhouses and town hall placed in the center. Here is the oldest pharmacy on Warmia and Mazury region, the beginning of which dates back to the XVII century: The Eagle Pharmacy.

Działdowo is very important regional industrial center. There were located the production facilities of the glass industry, furniture, food, footwear and construction. Local industry is supported by The Działdowo Development Agency, which was established in 1997.

Działdowo is twinned for german county: Hersfeld-Rotenburg and ukrainian city – Truskawiec.

Main events:

  • The award ceremony “Catherines” – 17 January (Działdowo Day)
  • The picnic “Come on health” – June
  • Działdowo Birthday – 14 August
  • Diałdowo Ten (street run) – August
  • Knights Tournament for the Saint Katarzyna Aleksandryjska’s Sword – August
  • Działdowo Independent Racing – November

Tourist Attractions

Teutonic Order Interactive Museum, pl. Mickiewicza 43, phone: +48 23 697 76 30, website:, e-mail:

In the Teutonic Order Interactive Museum are organized educational classes and workshops, which are based on old dying craft professions, traditional technologies, rites and customs, for example: pottery, silversmithing, create jewelery and ornaments. Visitors can explore the technique of execution of the old writing, to learn about weapons and old clothing, medieval cuisine and learn about local legends.

Fairs and Markets

  • Flea market
  • Tourist Information Point
  • City Hall, Zamkowa Street No 12, Działdowo

Representatives of Cittaslow:

Mr. Grzegorz Mrowiński – Mayor of Działdowo

Mrs. Edyta Cherkowska – Proxy for the Cittaslow

Official website of the city: