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Situated in the « Province of Liège », Chaudfontaine can be called as « the gardens of Liège »
4 villages compose the place : Beaufays, Embourg, Chaudfontaine-Sources and Vaux-sous-Chèvremont.
2.551 ha for 20.902 inhabitants (01/01/2012)


In 1676, Simon Sauveur was the first to realise the benefits of a hot spring. The first spa was built here in 1725.
Glazed brown stoneware pitchers inscribed "Eaux thermales et Bains de Chaudfontaine 1713" (Chaudfontaine spa waters and baths 1713) around the neck, found during the demolition of a mansion in Antwerp, lead us to suppose that a business selling water to individuals already existed at the time.


Coal, metallurgy, quarrying and small trades have had great importance in the town of Chaudfontaine.
Right now, a lot of them have disappeared. The main industries are : Chaudfontaine Water, Magotteaux and Mokaturc (coffee).
We also have a Casino and one wellknown thermal center (Château des Thermes) , shops, restaurants, tourist atractions : Source O Rama, Festival des 5 saisons, guided walks, ...


The Municipality of Chaudfontaine is for a long time in search of the well-being of its citizens. This historically thermal municipality has in its nature this will of improvement of the living environment.
Chaudfontaine made a lot of arrangements, developments and realizations such as : slowquarters and slowways; meeting and friendly places in the heart of some quarters, highlighted of our historical, cultural and natural heritage, ...
Chaudfontaine is in the constant research of wellness for the citizens and offer a great potential for visitors.

Main Events:
Musical Festival (Musique à la Source) in October
National Day of Opened churches : 1st of june
Heritage days : in september
Aqualines in May
Festival des 5 saisons, Parc de Hauster, all year

Marché des Saveurs : every 2nd and 4th thursdays in Embourg


Cathy Vanbrabant - Representative Cittaslow Chaudfontaine

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