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Bra, with a constantly increasing population of more than 29,000 inhabitants, is demographically the third town of the Province of Cuneo, at the centre of gravity of the Province's population, lying less than 50 kilometres from Turin. It is one of the major centres of Piedmontese Baroque Art, where the principal artists of the period created works of great cultural and religious significance.

Thanks to its location between the "food valley" of the Langhe and Roero, Bra is one of the most important Piedmontese centres of wine and gastronomy. In fact the "Cheese - the shape of milk", trade fair is held along the streets of Bra. This fair has become one of the principal world-wide showcases for quality cheese and dairy farming in general. The fortunate relationship between commerce and tourism which has involved Southern Piedmont since 1990 has led the economy of Bra to change direction and basing itself on a tertiary advance which links today's needs with the traditional values of Bra. Bra is now the home of the University of Gastronomic Sciences and hosts the international headquarters of Slow Food.

Bra is the city described in the novels of Giovanni Arpino, observer and commentator on today's society. Bra is a city to visit, to stroll through and, because of the richness of its many important activities, a city to live in.