First international tennis tournament “Cittaslow Trophy – Town of Bra”


The Town of Bra, a founding town of the Cittaslow movement, has created a sporting event that aims to promote opportunities for encounters and new friendships between the different communities which are members of the Association.

The event will be a vehicle for our very different members to get to know each other through sport. The players and those who accompany them will be able to see the town from different angles, i.e. not only on the classic tourist and enogastronomic circuits but also through using the sporting sites that improve our quality of life.

So, on the weekend of 7 to 9 September 2012, Bra is organising the First international tennis tournament – "Cittaslow Trophy" that will take place at the Tennis Club Match Ball, where the final phase of the Serie A team tennis championships have been held for the last two years.

Attached are the regulations for the tournament and we invite your tennis players to participate.

In addition to the tennis tournament, the Town of Bra will organise other important tourist, cultural and enogastronomic events, in the hope of making the visit of players and those who accompany them all the more interesting.

We are at your disposal if you should require further information.