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Ce n'est pas un hasard si le salon de l'agriculture ne fait événement ni des cinquante ans de Politique agricole commune (Pac) ni de sa cruciale renégociation actuelle.
"Biodynamic, Organic and Natural Winemaking; Sustainable Viticulture and Viniculture" by Britt Karlsson (text) and Per Karlsson (photography), of BKWine, has recently been published by Floris Publishin...
Community meeting coming in marchsonoma biochar initiative (sbi)
Last month, Prof. SOHN gave a cyber-lecture titled in "Cross-culture: Italy of Cittaslow and SlowFood" at the Hanyang Cyber University in Seoul, Corea.
Per non dimenticare il sindaco di Pollica Angelo Vassallo amico ed ispiratore del film-doc CITTA' SLOW. Come vice presidente del movimento CITTA' SLOW, con sede ad Orvieto, è stato Angelo a presentarm...
An example for the Cilento region and for Italy in the protection of the territory and the development of local agriculture
Sokndal (Norway) from May 28 to May 30 2010. Annual events with different activities, trade, culture etc. in Sokndal.
Partage de culture alimentaire sur les fruits entre Hoves et Kinshasa. Echanges d'expériences sur base de dégustations, de recettes locales, de fiches produits et de reportages photos et vidéo.
5.11.2015, 18-20 Uhr. Room FH 919, Technische Universität,Fraunhoferstr. 33-36, 10587 Berlin
Among the things that tourists in South Korea must do it to visit the nation's traditional folk villages made up of a cluster of hanok (tradition Korean houses), which gives it its popular coined name ...
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