Gadgets available only for the cities in the Cittaslow network
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The President of the International Association of Cittaslow, Gianluca Marconi is holding a series of contacts in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
Based on our philosophy and principles it is our idea to organize a contest in the jubilee year. What includes this contest? Below, you find an explanation of the starting points of this contest.
Adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 22 January 2014at the 1189th meeting of the Ministers' Deputies
The National Cittaslow Corea Network has published the Journal of Cittaslow. The Volume 8 in August, 2013. It has some academic studies and columns of Cittaslow and reports on the network activities.
29th September 2013 - world Cittaslow event. 4th International Day of Good Living
The City is for All has sent a report to the Venice Commission on the criminalization of homelessness by the Hungarian constitution.
Saturday, May 18, Olsztynek, was a host for the already fourth Cittaslow Festival.
General Assembly 2013 - Seferihisar, Turkey
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