When you are short of slowness in the life

South Korean National Network

Cittaslow slowcity has nature with a mystery of calm and profound curves based on SLOW, SMALL, and SIMPLE.

In the Cittaslow, if you find out place to stay and take rests for several days escaping from the speed addiction, it would be an happy way to be carried on from generation to generation.

As darkness made lamps and foggy made compasses, when the virus from busy body and mind makes you hurt, you can get slow vaccine in 16 Cittaslow towns, Corea.

Things that are everywhere is like nothing that are everywhere. Even if it's a familiar to tourism attractions, this handbook shows that each city is reinterpreted differently based on the concept of Cittaslow.

Welcome to Cittaslow for calm and peaceful trip.

May will be back and peonies will be blooming again


Edited & Designed  bon sohn

Coordinator, the Cittaslow Corea Network

Vice-president, Cittaslow International

Professor Emeritus, Hanyang Uni.